Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another Juvenile Fascination...

Okay, this is only fair, considering I made fun of someone else in the Bee Family just last week for a juvenile fascination.

*and this post interrupts the regularly scheduled post about my new office-check for that tomorrow*

My Special Collector's Edition 25th Anniversary Tenderheart Care Bear was delivered today. It has a special silver tummy, with-get this-Sterling silver heart nose, and hip heart (the one on its bottom:) AND Swarovski Crystal eyes.

Oh yes.I actually somehow, somewhere, got on a Care Bear mailing list that sent me a special email celebrating the 25 anniversary of Care Bears. Twenty-five years? Really? Way to make me feel old, Care Bear people.

I still remember my first Care Bear. My Dad got me Cheer Bear (the pink one with the rainbow on it's tummy) for my birthday, which was at McDonalds. I clearly remember opening it and feeling a tremendous amount of relief. I had been asking for it for months (my birthday is right before Xmas, so the new toy commercials are rampant then) and was so happy to receive it.

I promptly slept with it that night, and every night thereafter, for a good number of years. It was the favorite toy, and only started my obsession.

I know am (sort of) proud to admit that I own every Care Bear (made in the USA) that they sold (I would kill for some European versions... but I've not really searched them out) and I have them nicely tucked away for my kiddo.

Except... wait, he's a boy, and oh-wait, he's looking at the box:

And never mind, he would rather look at a car magazine.
*this was not AT ALL POSED, he really shoved it out of the way to look at the copy of Car&Driver that was on the table*