Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Master Chief is happy...

Well, Cory is happy to report that his new special edition Halo3 Xbox 360 has arrived.
This info will thrill my Dad, who made a deal with Cory to buy his "old" one (the brand-spankin' new one, sorry) if Cory bought the new Halo3 edition. It does kind of rock I guess. Being camo green, it totally blends in with our living room furniture:)
For those of you who aren't familiar with the Halo trilogy like I am-the third and final installment of the series came out on Tuesday of this week. We have had this gem pre-ordered for about six months. Seriously.

We were in EB at the mall, and Cory was buying another game for his Xbox, and the guy told him to pre-order Halo3 because they might run out, and that way we were guaranteed a copy. I had to talk Cory back from the Collector's Edition which included a real-life-sized Master Chief (the hero) helmet (see box picture). Real. Life. Sized. Helmet. On display in my living room?

I think not.

Only when Cory found out the helmet was just for show, and you couldn't actually "put it on" did he decide he didn't need the Collector's Edition.

So we just got the special edition, which included some posters and stuff. Then, they announced a special edition Xbox which of course we had to have too. I fought that every step of the way, I mean, we had a perfectly fine Xbox! But Dad agreeing to take Cory's old one sealed the deal.

Of course, the Tuesday release date of Halo3 has coincided with Fox's new TV lineup this week, so Cory has been watching our normal TV, then staying up late playing Halo3.

Cory asked me to specifically mention the the "real" Master Chief is seven feet tall, and a thousand pounds, so the above picture where he is holding the toy, is not life-sized. Everybody got that? Good.