Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby Geniuses

Moose got some information on the new Ones Room today. I got a whole little packet all about the units they will be learning, and the new required things I will have to buy to leave at daycare.
Apparently I had no idea Daycare was going to be so productive. Some of the things they are planning on teaching him are crazy. I can’t imagine he’ll be able to do some of these things. But then again, when I see the Twos walking around (the next classroom up) they do seem to be talking really well and walking in a line, holding on to this rope thing.
Here is a list of just some of the things Moose will be learning:
1. Take off own shoes and socks at appropriate times. We’ve got this one down pat, except for the “at appropriate times” part.
2. Drink out of small cup with no lid. What? Seriously? NO SIPPYCUP LID?
3. Using spoon to eat. Also going good on this one, fab.
4. Using words throughout the day to communicate, such as “yes”, “milk,” “thank-you,” “please,”. He is sort of using these.

As far as actual learning goes, some of his units will cover:
1. shapes
2. colors
3. numbers 0-10
4. body parts (he knows exactly where his nose is, and will show you were your nose is too, by shoving his finger in your nostril)
5. alphabet

I can already see that the Ones will be more productive than the Toddler Room. Mainly because they seem to have more of a structured day. They do more, like circle time when they read, playing outside, centers, art projects, and movie days are twice a week for an hour.
A big thing that caught my eye, was in the daily schedule, each time they change diapers, they also say “diapering or going to the potty”. Um, POTTY? When am I supposed to start THAT? I have no knowledge of this. I vividly remember walking in to the Toddler room to them saying I didn’t need to bring bottles anymore, than he was transitioned to sippycup. I was like, “uh really? We still do like, three bottles at home…” So maybe they will potty train him at daycare, and he’ll just come home one day ready to potty? Ok, maybe not, but I will need some tips from them on how to do this, because I have no idea where to start. Cory actually said that he will show an interest in it when he is ready. So I think we will probably take that plan of action.
I have a whole list of things to buy to keep there, such as another set of swim trunks, and sunscreen and stuff. Apparently they do “water days”. So I guess they play in the sprinkler or something.
He will start full-time in the Ones next week, so I will have a full report for you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Quick Update

I am writing this quickly while dinner is cooking. I found this recipe I have been searching for, for years now. White Lasagna, with chicken, mushrooms, asparagus, and white sauce instead of red. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off around here. No huge developments with Moose. But he is getting much better at feeding himself with silverware. He can spoon applesauce, and yogurt with no problems, it is the chunky stuff that we are struggling with. Sometimes it is just easier to feed him ourselves. We are working on it.
Moose is moving up to the “Ones” room from the “Toddler” room next week. He visited today for the first time. He is moving up with three of his friends too, so it should be an easy transition.
The home improvement front has been paused to a point. Mainly because Cory has hurt his knee. His other knee. You may recall that he had surgery on his left knee in January. Well, a couple weeks ago he hurt his right knee at work. Then, tiling the laundry room apparently just did it in. He could barely move it the next day, and immediately made an appointment at the doctor. He is currently off work, awaiting surgery.
Cory actually was in the middle of tiling the downstairs hallway when he realized he had hurt the knee worse. So he stopped. In the middle of the hallway. So I dealt with a half completed hallway for exactly one week, before I took it upon myself to finish it. Surely I could do it? I did some tiling in high school, I knew the basics, Cory could sit in a chair and direct me so we could at least finish the hallway. Right?
I have never felt pain such as this. My inner thighs, from squatting down. My calves, from lifting up and down. The fronts of my ankles are bruised somehow. My back has a crick in it from leaning over. My hands have blisters. My entire right arm is stiff and hurty from grouting.
It was not fun.
However-it looks GREAT. I am so extremely proud of the job I did. Cannot WAIT to show it off. I will take a picture as soon as I get a chance.
The laundry room has one more pretty easy step that I will do to finish it off, and I will post those pics for you to see too.
The Memorial weekend was great overall. Friday evening we stayed in and watched movies. Saturday day, Moose and I met Charing and Carter, and Mimi at the pool. Moose had a blast. And Carter and him are definitely going to be life-long friends. As soon as we get them to acknowledge each other.
Saturday evening we met some out-of-town friends for dinner and drinks at a Mexican restaurant, then we met another set of friends to watch the UFC fight on pay-per-view. Well, the men watched the fight. The ladies actually adjourned upstairs to talk and do our nails. Fun stuff.
Sunday I tiled.
Monday I recovered from tiling.
That's it. I'm spent. Dinner's ready.

Friday, May 18, 2007

18 Month Checkup

Poor baby had to get a tetnus shot!.02 seconds later "Oh the glee!"

Here's the stats:
Height: 32.25 which is 50th percentile
Weight: 24 lbs. 15 oz. which is 25-50 percentile
Head: 19.75 which is holding strong in the >95 percentile

I picked up a bowl set that actually suction cups to the high chair, so we are working on feeding ourself exclusively. Which would be great for Cory and I.
He walks, runs, talks. Can follow basic directions. Still loves Baby Einstein and not any other TV. Favorite foods include everything sweet, and macaroni and cheese. Loves "meh", (milk) "ball", "booh", (book) and of course Daddeee (Daddy). (sometimes Mommy too!) Wants to play outside and explore, I haven't picked up his playground yet, it's on my to do list. Here is a few videos, G'ma requested them;)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Oh hello there, I'm glad you stopped by. Here are some recent pictures from the last couple weeks.

You may have heard, I've been pretty sick. I have been getting over mono for the last month or so. It has not been fun, but not too bad either. I have only not been able to go to certain things, and I have not missed that much work.
Cory and I have been working our hands to the bone on home improvements. The people at Lowes practically know us by name. We have been working on Moose's room, the yard, and also my laundry room.
Cory actually started the laundry room this past weekend. I have some pictures of the progress, but I thought I would wait until the end to post them all together.
I have been working on landscaping. I have some progress shots of the front yard that I did this weekend and almost killed myself.

Here is what I started with-three bushes and wood chips. So I had to scrape off the top layer of wood chips and top soil. Then carry it to the backyard.
Here are the plants I bought. The flowering bushes in the back will hopefully come back next year. The yellow flowers are marigolds, so I plan to replace them each year, in case I want to change the color. And the front plants are a spreading filler that will hopefully also come back next year.
Here is the final shot. All done. It will look much better in a few weeks I am hoping. I will take some shots of it so you can watch it grow. Next time I get paid, I am planning on buying a few more things. But I'm not sure what yet.

Saturday Moose and I got up and met my friends for breakfast so him and Carter could play. Then I dropped him off with Granddaddy so that I could work on the yard. Saturday evening both Cory and I rested and watched movies.
Sunday I woke up early, and Cory went and got us breakfast from Bob Evans. Which was so yummy. Cory bought me a gold watch for mother's day, and Moose got me a gold toe ring. I contemplated taking a picture of them, but decided it was tacky, so you can see them when you see me! They are both so beautiful, and I love them both! Thanks so much guys!
That evening M&D came over for dinner and I made a new recipe that I have been perfecting-Mexican Lasagna. It turned out really well.
Overall we had a great weekend, but I decided next year that I definitely wasn't cooking or doing laundry!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Another Friend Bites the Dust

My good friend Lisa has left our company. Her situation was a bit different from Kevin's.
As some of you know, one of the divisions I do advertising for, Company B, is moving to Chicago. Lisa works for Company B, so she could have moved to Chicago, or found a new job.
Well she found a new job. A GREAT new job. She is working in the ad department at a local TV station. She has her own super cool new office. I am so happy for her!
I already miss her terribly though. She was in the same area that Kevin and I were in, so she was part of our "cool group". Yes there's a cool group at work and I'm in it. Are you jealous?
I guess she actually started the cool group and invited me in when I started, but you know, it's good to be a part of something at work. It's like school I guess with cliques and stuff.
Anyway, Lisa is a great friend. She is one of the nicest people I know, and she has a great shoe collection. She also has really great hair.
She is the one who figured out what hospital room I was in (which actually was quite a task, I was in four different rooms throughout my stay) when I had Moose and called me to check on me several times. She is the one who cut out about twenty million Care Bears and stuck them all over my desk on my birthday, and also made me rainbow cupcakes complete with more Care Bears stuck on top of them. (Damn that's another thing I could have written in my Tag post, oh well, I Heart Care Bears) She is also the one who drives us all to lunch. Also, she drives like a bat outta Hell.
I am really hoping to keep our friendship intact. I've already had to bail on the first scheduled lunch with her, due to sickness. Which sucks, but I couldn't help it at all.
I also don't have any pictures to post of her, mainly because I didn't think of it until just this second, but maybe I can remember to bring my camera when we hopefully have lunch next week.
Lisa-I miss you so much! And I wish you luck at your new job!


I have been tagged by Lucy’s Mom over at Musings of the West Coast to play “Chinese Freeze Tag” better known as making a list of 10 interesting things about me. This is not a typical thing that I do over here at Moose on the Loose, but I feel bad not playing along, so I’ll try to come up with some mildly interesting things about myself.

1. I started this blog mainly for my Mother-in-law so that she could keep up with my son’s adventures. She lives far, far away in a farmland called “Wisconsin”. When my now-husband told me he was from Wisconsin when we met, I must admit that I thought it was cold there all year around. I know that seems silly to some, but every image of Wisconsin I had ever seen, showed Green Bay Packer fans huddled together at football games in sub-zero temps. When we first went up to meet everyone, in the middle of June I think it was, I actually asked my husband if I should pack my winter coat. Normally I would not admit this at all, but when I admitted it to Bio Girl, she totally admitted that she too thought Wisconsin spent all its days in sub-zero temps. Of course I know now that the Summer weather in Wisconsin is very similar to the Summer here in the bluegrass. The Winters of course, are a whole other story!

2. My first and only (and last) pregnancy was pretty awful all around. I looked like the ideal pregnant chick. I only gained weight around my belly. So I basically looked like I had a basketball stuck in my shirt. Unfortunately, I would have exchanged all the cute skinniness for extra weight all over to have had a normal pregnancy. At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with preclampsia and put on strict bed rest. At 29 weeks I was admitted to the hospital and my preclampsia was upgraded to severe. After several painful days in the hospital, surrounded by my entire family, I had Moose, who was 2lbs, 12 oz by emergency c-section. Luckily he was very healthy, mainly because of the steroids they gave to me to rush his development. He was in the NICU for a month and a half before we were able to take him home. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It made my husband and I decide that because the chances were so high that I could have it again with another pregnancy, that Moose would be our last. So Cory got snipped, and we haven’t regretted it since.

3. I am painfully shy. No wait. Really I am. Maybe I should rephrase. I am painfully shy around people I don’t know. Once I spend some time with a person, I open up and become more like the person most of you know. Unfortunately, my shyness comes across as snobbishness, or annoyance to some who don’t know me well yet. I’m trying to work on it.

4. I love the beach. I could happily spend weeks by the water’s edge, doing nothing more than laying in the sand with the water lapping at my toes. I also love the pool, but not as much.

5. I really love movies. I love seeing new movies, classic movies, cult films. All movies. I love quoting them, applying lessons learned to real life, and discussing plots with my husband and my family, who also love movies. I also have a serious weakness for corny monster movies on the Sci Fi channel. I must admit I love them, for the bad acting and corny special effects. They are wonderful, and I make Cory watch them with me.

6. Shopping. Are you surprised? I didn’t think so. It’s a wonderful kind of high when you see a perfect pair of shoes that matches either an outfit you just bought, or an outfit at home, and then, you find it in your size. I love all kinds of shopping. Mall shopping, Wal-mart shopping, garage sale shopping, antiquing. I do have a re-newed interest in Target. They have wonderful clothes and shoes I discovered recently. Plus I always have a soft spot for Kohl’s.

7. I really love pretending to by Suzie Homemaker. I love a clean house, and I love baking and cooking. Unfortunately, I fall down on the job of cleaning every now and then, and our fabulous homemade dinners are sometimes Chili Dogs and Mac & Cheese. (which just so happens to be Moose’s favorite meal) But I will say that I am a pretty good cook, and I do pull off some really great dinners. Sometimes.

8. I enjoy reading romance novels. Mainly historical romances. There’s just something about reading about historical England, Scotland, the old West, or even pirates in the Caribbean. I love them.

9. Moose is in daycare, and I am totally loving it. I really like that he gets to make new friends, and I love how they teach him new stuff every day. I feel that he gets the interaction he needs by seeing kids his age. I know that after spending all day with just Cory and I that he is really happy to go back in to see his friends on Mondays. Some Moms feel bad about having to put their children in daycare. I don’t. Cory and I made the decision to live a certain way, to both work, and to put Moose in daycare. And I, and I think Cory, are very happy with our decision.

10. Make up and girly-girl stuff. Again, are you surprised? Not if you know me at all. I have no qualms about admitting the I am a flouffy, poufy, pink-loving girl, who loves new lip gloss, new hairstyles, high heeled shoes, and anything glittery and shiny.

Wow, I didn't know if I could talk about myself for ten different subjects for this long. Apparently I underestimated my self-centeredness. Hope this is mildly interesting for most of you, and rest assured I have several more posts with pictures coming down the pipeline.