Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Quick Update

I am writing this quickly while dinner is cooking. I found this recipe I have been searching for, for years now. White Lasagna, with chicken, mushrooms, asparagus, and white sauce instead of red. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
We have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off around here. No huge developments with Moose. But he is getting much better at feeding himself with silverware. He can spoon applesauce, and yogurt with no problems, it is the chunky stuff that we are struggling with. Sometimes it is just easier to feed him ourselves. We are working on it.
Moose is moving up to the “Ones” room from the “Toddler” room next week. He visited today for the first time. He is moving up with three of his friends too, so it should be an easy transition.
The home improvement front has been paused to a point. Mainly because Cory has hurt his knee. His other knee. You may recall that he had surgery on his left knee in January. Well, a couple weeks ago he hurt his right knee at work. Then, tiling the laundry room apparently just did it in. He could barely move it the next day, and immediately made an appointment at the doctor. He is currently off work, awaiting surgery.
Cory actually was in the middle of tiling the downstairs hallway when he realized he had hurt the knee worse. So he stopped. In the middle of the hallway. So I dealt with a half completed hallway for exactly one week, before I took it upon myself to finish it. Surely I could do it? I did some tiling in high school, I knew the basics, Cory could sit in a chair and direct me so we could at least finish the hallway. Right?
I have never felt pain such as this. My inner thighs, from squatting down. My calves, from lifting up and down. The fronts of my ankles are bruised somehow. My back has a crick in it from leaning over. My hands have blisters. My entire right arm is stiff and hurty from grouting.
It was not fun.
However-it looks GREAT. I am so extremely proud of the job I did. Cannot WAIT to show it off. I will take a picture as soon as I get a chance.
The laundry room has one more pretty easy step that I will do to finish it off, and I will post those pics for you to see too.
The Memorial weekend was great overall. Friday evening we stayed in and watched movies. Saturday day, Moose and I met Charing and Carter, and Mimi at the pool. Moose had a blast. And Carter and him are definitely going to be life-long friends. As soon as we get them to acknowledge each other.
Saturday evening we met some out-of-town friends for dinner and drinks at a Mexican restaurant, then we met another set of friends to watch the UFC fight on pay-per-view. Well, the men watched the fight. The ladies actually adjourned upstairs to talk and do our nails. Fun stuff.
Sunday I tiled.
Monday I recovered from tiling.
That's it. I'm spent. Dinner's ready.