Saturday, May 5, 2007


I have been tagged by Lucy’s Mom over at Musings of the West Coast to play “Chinese Freeze Tag” better known as making a list of 10 interesting things about me. This is not a typical thing that I do over here at Moose on the Loose, but I feel bad not playing along, so I’ll try to come up with some mildly interesting things about myself.

1. I started this blog mainly for my Mother-in-law so that she could keep up with my son’s adventures. She lives far, far away in a farmland called “Wisconsin”. When my now-husband told me he was from Wisconsin when we met, I must admit that I thought it was cold there all year around. I know that seems silly to some, but every image of Wisconsin I had ever seen, showed Green Bay Packer fans huddled together at football games in sub-zero temps. When we first went up to meet everyone, in the middle of June I think it was, I actually asked my husband if I should pack my winter coat. Normally I would not admit this at all, but when I admitted it to Bio Girl, she totally admitted that she too thought Wisconsin spent all its days in sub-zero temps. Of course I know now that the Summer weather in Wisconsin is very similar to the Summer here in the bluegrass. The Winters of course, are a whole other story!

2. My first and only (and last) pregnancy was pretty awful all around. I looked like the ideal pregnant chick. I only gained weight around my belly. So I basically looked like I had a basketball stuck in my shirt. Unfortunately, I would have exchanged all the cute skinniness for extra weight all over to have had a normal pregnancy. At 28 weeks I was diagnosed with preclampsia and put on strict bed rest. At 29 weeks I was admitted to the hospital and my preclampsia was upgraded to severe. After several painful days in the hospital, surrounded by my entire family, I had Moose, who was 2lbs, 12 oz by emergency c-section. Luckily he was very healthy, mainly because of the steroids they gave to me to rush his development. He was in the NICU for a month and a half before we were able to take him home. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. It made my husband and I decide that because the chances were so high that I could have it again with another pregnancy, that Moose would be our last. So Cory got snipped, and we haven’t regretted it since.

3. I am painfully shy. No wait. Really I am. Maybe I should rephrase. I am painfully shy around people I don’t know. Once I spend some time with a person, I open up and become more like the person most of you know. Unfortunately, my shyness comes across as snobbishness, or annoyance to some who don’t know me well yet. I’m trying to work on it.

4. I love the beach. I could happily spend weeks by the water’s edge, doing nothing more than laying in the sand with the water lapping at my toes. I also love the pool, but not as much.

5. I really love movies. I love seeing new movies, classic movies, cult films. All movies. I love quoting them, applying lessons learned to real life, and discussing plots with my husband and my family, who also love movies. I also have a serious weakness for corny monster movies on the Sci Fi channel. I must admit I love them, for the bad acting and corny special effects. They are wonderful, and I make Cory watch them with me.

6. Shopping. Are you surprised? I didn’t think so. It’s a wonderful kind of high when you see a perfect pair of shoes that matches either an outfit you just bought, or an outfit at home, and then, you find it in your size. I love all kinds of shopping. Mall shopping, Wal-mart shopping, garage sale shopping, antiquing. I do have a re-newed interest in Target. They have wonderful clothes and shoes I discovered recently. Plus I always have a soft spot for Kohl’s.

7. I really love pretending to by Suzie Homemaker. I love a clean house, and I love baking and cooking. Unfortunately, I fall down on the job of cleaning every now and then, and our fabulous homemade dinners are sometimes Chili Dogs and Mac & Cheese. (which just so happens to be Moose’s favorite meal) But I will say that I am a pretty good cook, and I do pull off some really great dinners. Sometimes.

8. I enjoy reading romance novels. Mainly historical romances. There’s just something about reading about historical England, Scotland, the old West, or even pirates in the Caribbean. I love them.

9. Moose is in daycare, and I am totally loving it. I really like that he gets to make new friends, and I love how they teach him new stuff every day. I feel that he gets the interaction he needs by seeing kids his age. I know that after spending all day with just Cory and I that he is really happy to go back in to see his friends on Mondays. Some Moms feel bad about having to put their children in daycare. I don’t. Cory and I made the decision to live a certain way, to both work, and to put Moose in daycare. And I, and I think Cory, are very happy with our decision.

10. Make up and girly-girl stuff. Again, are you surprised? Not if you know me at all. I have no qualms about admitting the I am a flouffy, poufy, pink-loving girl, who loves new lip gloss, new hairstyles, high heeled shoes, and anything glittery and shiny.

Wow, I didn't know if I could talk about myself for ten different subjects for this long. Apparently I underestimated my self-centeredness. Hope this is mildly interesting for most of you, and rest assured I have several more posts with pictures coming down the pipeline.