Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Special thanks to M&D for dinner, and helping with candy, watching Moose while we handed out candy, and of course, actually taking some pictures with me in them.

Sorry I've Been MIA

Well I've fallen down on blogging this week, mainly because I've been so busy! (I know everyone says that,... but really!)

Cory just got back from school in Chicago last night. So I've been the solo parent for the last three nights. We did a call each night before bedtime to do the Night-Night routine. Moose was okay with Cory being gone, but not great. He kept asking for him, and even said, "I want Daddy" very clearly on Monday. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that much for him on that front. I also apparently barely eat when Cory is gone, it's kind of like, if I can't cook for someone, why cook for myself? Apparently I can never live by myself again or I will waste away, eating crackers and drinking from the carton.

What? Why am I blogging at 2:30 PM on a weekday? Well, daycare called to tell me that Moose threw up, and was generally fussy. When I picked him up? He was happily playing on the playground...and is currently down for the count. He will be going back to daycare tomorrow.

I got Moose's Big 2nd Birthday Bash invites out to everyone I think. I am so scared no one is going to come. No, I am not talking about you, I'm sure you are coming! I am talking about his daycare friends. I put the invites in their pockets, just like I've seen other parents do. But I have not received any RSVPs yet, of course, is that saying much? Does, like, anyone RSVP anymore? How am I supposed to order food for an unknown amount of people?

Also? Company B is officially shut down. The place is a ghost town. F Corp is moving to our new office space TOMORROW.

And I am home with Moose.


That's right. At least I am packed.

So I am trying to enjoy my afternoon off. I am watching scary movies while Moose sleeps, and sort of mentally gearing up for the trick-or-treaters that will be descending in a few hours. I have never had t-o-t before, and I am kind of looking forward to it.

My M&D are coming to help me. So I am planning on taking Moose around our court, then sitting on the porch with him to hand out candy. We'll see how it goes.

I'm sure I'll have pictures soon.

Pictures from the Halloween Party!

I didn't catch a picture of everyone, but here is what I got!

Halloween Meme

Tagged by Mrs. Who over at Mrs. Who's Open Book.

1. What's the scariest movie you have ever seen?

I love scary movies, and I have seen so many. However one sticks out in my mind right away, mainly because it was so gross and scary. It was the most recent remake of The Hills Have Eyes. When the guys killed the mother and raped the girl, it was a little too much for me.

2. What was your favorite Halloween costume from childhood?

From childhood? I was a princess one year with a very cool dress my mom and I found at a Goodwill.
From adulthood? The year I was pregnant with Moose, I had a big belly on Halloween, and I was a Care Bear. It was very cool, and besides being hot, the most comfortable costume I have ever worn.

3. If you had an unlimited budget, what would your fantasy costume be for this Halloween?

I am not really sure, I would probably buy Cory a Master Chief costume from Halo.

4. When was the last time you went trick or treating?

My friend Laura and I went when we were freshman in high school (I know! crazee!) and we had two women who were handing out candy tell us we were too old. My friend Laura said very matter of fact, "if you think we are too old, you're too old for the holiday"

5. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

White chocolate anything.

6. Tell us about a scary nightmare you had.

I can't think of anything.

7. What is your Supernatural fear?

Aliens. Nuff said.

8. What is your creep-crawly fear?

Bugs. All bugs.

9. Tell us about the time you saw a ghost. Or heard something go bump in the night.

I have never had a scary experience with a ghost.

10. Would you ever stay in a haunted house overnight?

I cannot stress how much I would never do this.

11. Are you a traditionalist Jack 'O' Lantern carver or do you get creative?

I love being creative, however at our new house, we don't seem to be able to have real pumpkins, because the squirrels eat them. Yes, that's right. Squirrels.

12. How much do you decorate your house for Halloween?

A lot. A whole lot. I have plans to start on the graveyard next year. I really only bothers Cory when he has to mow around the stuff.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Busy Weekend...

Oh yes.

After four fun-filled hours of solo toddler wrangling, this is all I can offer. I am ready to pass out, but I have to spend the evening writing birthday invitations for Moose's upcoming birthday.

Why am I solo? Cory is currently driving to Chicago for BMW training. Darn the new cars, every time a new model comes out, he has to go be trained on it. Oh well, we can do without him for a few days. Luckily, this time, he'll be home for Halloween.

Well, I had a ton of pictures to upload, but blogger is taking too long, so you only get one for the moment. Sorry about that, at least it's a funny one.

I had planned to write a bit about my new TMJ mouth guard, but honestly? It isn't bothering me much anymore, so when I get a chance, I'll take some pictures of it, and give you an update.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Picture Friday! 10/26

Welcome to Picture Friday!!
I'm a slave driver.Gangsta Style.
Getting better...

Look at their faces, it's pretty funny.

And that's all folks. Back to regular posting tomorrow. I have a whole post planned about my new TMJ mouth guard. It involves a lot of whining. I apologize in advance!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Poo On You

Moose told me he needed to go potty today.

Then I freaked out. I had not prepared for this at all. I came into the kitchen, and he had pulled his sweatpants down to his ankles, and said, "Potty! Potty!".

So I promptly picked him up and held him out, kind of like a bomb that was to explode at any moment, and carried him, uh-where? What now? No idea!! CORY HELP ME!

Cory calmly replied from the couch in the living room that we couldn't do anything, that we didn't have a potty.

Oh he doesn't know what he's talking about-geez, what am I supposed to do?? I'll just set him on the toilet, that will be fine, right?

So I pull his pants back up, lift him over the gate, and he runs to the bathroom. Then, he tries to lift the lid of the toilet. I yell at Cory to PLEASE HELP ME I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO GETINHERERIGHTNOW!

I take off his pants, and his diaper, and set him on the toilet.

And then I see what Cory was talking about.

Let's just say that the pee would not have gone in the toilet. It would have gone... into my lap.


I put his diaper back on, which he fights, and saying the whole time, "NO Potty! NO Potty!" After which, we went back into the living room and he happily sat in my lap and watched the Simpsons with Cory and I.

Soooo-? Is he ready to potty train? He didn't pee at all, even later when I put his PJs on, the diaper was not wet, so it doesn't seem like he had to "go" at all. I promptly consulted with my best friend in parenting-Google. And unfortunately there is no magic answer, either they are ready or they aren't. He is about the "right" age, however, he doesn't ever tell me that he peepeed or poopooed, and the websites mentioned that that was a big sign.

I am worried I am going to buy a potty and start pushing him towards this, and he won't really be ready. A part of me wonders if seeing some of the other kids at daycare doing the potty thing inspired him. (I have no doubt that it will actually help us in the long run) I don't want to push him, some of the websites said if you push them too early then it backfires.

I must be totally honest: the thought of Moose being potty trained is extremely attractive. I can just imagine myself shopping with him, with just like, my purse AND NO DIAPER BAG. How great does that sound? Oh well, I know it is in the future. I don't want to rush it.

Does anyone have potty training advice for me? Do you think it is too early? I know only Moose can make the decision, but I don't know what to do right now! Let me know what you think, I would really appreciate advice!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Weekend Update

We had a great weekend. So great that I didn't bother with posting on Sunday like usual!

I was exceptionally busy on Sunday. I colored my hair, and read an entire romance novel. Important stuff like that.

We did go to the grocery, which is always an adventure on Sunday morning. Why in the world does Walmart feel the need to only employ two check-out girls? What in the world are all the other Walmart employees doing? They are probably on break I guess. Seems like someone would see all the people in line, and, oh, I don't know, maybe, schedule some more check-out girls for the next Sunday?

Maybe with all the Roll Back prices, it is just too much to ask to check-out efficiently.

Saturday was also wonderful. My good friend Charing and I were lucky enough to go to a spa for the day. We were celebrating her recent birthday, which was actually last month. We had to wait till now to find a Saturday that we were both free, and had someone to watch our kids. Conveniently, Sarah and Jenn were available!

Saturday was also Carter's birthday. So Charing ran home after our spa stuff, and threw together a very cool Blue's Clues birthday party for him. We took a ton of pictures, which she very nicely forwarded to me on Snapfish, unfortunately, it won't work for me right now.

So instead, enjoy this lovely video of Moose reading the paper, which has absolutely nothing to do with this weekend.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Picture Friday 10/19/07

Sippy cup is gone!

The new TV.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moose Has a Girlfriend

Where do I begin?

I guess I will start back in the Infant Room at daycare. Moose and Aly were in there together, and they moved up to the Toddler Room together. (daycare tries to move up two at a time, so they have a buddy)

I knew Aly because her mom is a teacher at the daycare, and she arrives at the same time as I do, because I work a bit early. Her mom is very nice, and Moose will have her in the next room after the Twos Room.

I picked up Moose one day, and one of the teacher's quipped that Moose had a new girlfriend. Apparently Aly followed Moose around all day, hugging him, and talking Toddler-Talk to him.

I cannot express how I felt when she said that to me.

I know this is so silly, but I was so annoyed! I cannot express it, exactly. Maybe all moms feel this way, or maybe even just moms of boys.

But, maybe I felt... jealous? I am not sure.

I was reminded later, on the drive home, of an ex-boyfriend I had in high school. The year before sophomore year, I dated a guy from my youth group. When we first started "going out", one of the other girls in our group told me that his mom never liked girls who went out with him. I thought that was the silliest thing I had ever heard. And it was true. She was mean to me the whole two weeks we dated. Okay, it may have been longer than that, but not too much longer:)

I shook my head, and thought how stupid I was being. I mean, gosh he was not even one (at the time) why was I being so silly? It was just the weirdest sensation, almost possessiveness.

From that moment on, I cooled off and stopped being so silly.

They are still "together". Aly follows Moose around, and the teachers told me the other day that Moose defended Aly the other day from one of the other kids who was trying to bite her. He pushed him down.

Aly is staying in the Ones Room until almost January. We'll see if their love can last long distance:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Movin' On Up

... to the next room at daycare! Moose visited the "Twos" for the first time today. Apparently he fit right in, considering he knows all the kids already. Most of them were in his class had been moved up.

I don't think this change will effect us too much, just new teachers that I don't know. Hopefully they will be as great as the teachers in the "Ones". He visits again each day this week, and goes full-time in the Twos on Monday.

Such a big boy!

Here is a picture that the teachers in the Ones took on his first day in their room:
He fell asleep at the lunch table. Sitting up.
Hopefully the Twos Room will be just as fun.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Horsey Picture

Cory in June 1983, at 23 months
Moose in October 2007, at 23 months.
'Nuff said.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

An Apple Pie Weekend

This weekend was nice. We didn't do too much, mainly due to the fact that most of our friends were out of town. The girls went to DC, to do tourist-type stuff. Charing was getting her kitchen floor re-done, and I'm sure the other girls were wrapped up in something exciting.

Saturday, Moose and I went shopping for some much-needed clothing. I bought him several pairs of pants, and two pairs of feety pajamas. Also, a cute pair of house slippers.

That evening we used an Outback gift certificate that we had been saving, and watched the UK game at the bar. Cory picked up a new game, Flat Out Ultimate Carnage because he beat Halo, which I think he had mixed feelings about. He was happy to beat it, but unhappy it was over, kind of like a good book, I presume. (that's how I identify anyway...)

Today we did the grocery, and this afternoon I made my first from-scratch apple pie. It turned out very good, and Cory said it was the best he had ever tasted. He may be biased though. Look how pretty:

I used my cookie cutters to cut out apples instead of normal vents on the top crust! Ah, the things that make me happy...

Thanks for the emails and comments about our Sophie problem. I appreciate everyone's advice. I'll keep you updated on the situation.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A New Problem

Well, we have a problem.

A few weeks ago, we were all sitting and watching TV, surprise, while Moose was playing on the floor. The dogs were trying to sleep at our feet. Moose was trying to play with the dogs.

Do you see where this is going?

Moose was climbing all over Sophie, our 70 lb. Weimereiner, and she was dealing with it, like several of you have seen her do. All of a sudden she leaned over towards where he was laying/hugging her, and growled and snapped her teeth, like a warning bite in the air, right by his sweet little fat arm.

Both Cory and I sprung into action, me grabbing Moose and Cory spanking Sophie. She squealed and ran off to hide in our bedroom.

We just sat there in stunned silence for a few moments and tried to discuss it rationally. She was just having a bad day, Moose always plays with her, it was no big deal right? She did not bite him, she only snapped at him.

I was not really okay with it, but we decided to wait and see if anything else happened. We would keep an eye on them, and make sure that Moose didn't climb on them anymore.

About two weeks ago, I was home alone with the girls and Moose, Cory was at work. Sophie was laying at my feet, and Moose came up to me at the couch, and stepped up on her to get on the couch with me. I didn't move fast enough to get him off of her, and she growled and snapped towards him again. I yelled and pulled Moose up on the couch, and shoved her away with all my might and she turned and snapped at ME. (I think she thought I was still Moose, she was turned away) It all happened so fast.

I yelled and shoved her out into the hallway towards the bedroom, swearing and yelling at her.

So currently, we are keeping them separated. When Moose is up and awake, we typically block off the kitchen and living room, making a L-shaped baby zone. We just keep the girls in the hallway. I hate leaving them out of the action where we are, but I can't take any more chances. I can't be there every second, I have to be able to trust that Moose will be okay if I am not there, and I can't when the girls are in there.

This is absolutely killing me, because Sophie has "chosen" me as her favorite, and I hate seeing her out in the hallway, but I don't know what else to do. I really don't want to give her away, though we did check with anther friend of ours who has another Weimereiner, but he didn't want Sophie because she was fixed.

When Moose is napping or asleep for the night, we take the gates down, and they have free reign to follow me around and such. I figure we only have about a year or so before Moose understands not to mess with the dogs like he does now, right?

I am really pretty sure that Sophie did not mean to bite either of us, I think it was just a warning snap. So I think we would be fine in the future when Moose learns how to treat the dogs.

I am sure everyone's warning bells are going off, what does everyone think? Is this a good plan? Does anyone have any good advice?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Picture Friday 10/12

Yea! Picture Friday is so easy for me-plus, a bonus this week! A VIDEO!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moose's 2nd Birthday List

Because I've been asked what Moose needs for his birthday, I am going to supply you with some ideas. This is in no way asking for gifts! Trust me, the kid wants for nothing!

First of all, let me stress that Moose does NOT NEED ANY TOYS. Really. None. Though I'm sure he wants some. So use your judgment on that front.

Moose is wearing 24 months shirts, but that size fits a bit on the snug side, so I am going to request that you buy him 2T size shirts. This guarantees that he'll be able to wear them for a while.
Moose is in 24 months pants, ("18-24 months" from the Gap is too small, it must be either 24 months or 2T) and will be for a while. So you should be safe with that size.
He NEEDS pajamas. I like the warm and toasty feety pajamas. This is because Cory chooses to keep our house a degree above frosty, and also, I just think they are pretty cute. He needs size 2T pajamas, because they always seem to shrink.
I am planning on buying him some new tennis shoes next weekend, and I am assuming his shoe size will be up a size from last time, which is 6 wide. His feet are definitely wide.

Art supplies:
A good idea for gifts that we don't have, and will be fun for Moose too, would be art supplies. He loves to draw and play with Playdoh, so simple art supplies would be really fun.
big crayons
Playdoh sets
washable markers
coloring books
(God help me) finger paints
artist smock

As I said, he doesn't need anything at all, but I guess I will just sell some of the older toys to make way for these.
car stuff
kitchen play sets
little people sets

General Likes:
Blue's Clues
Little Einstein
Pooh & Tigger
Mickey Mouse Club
Higglytown Heros

If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Professional Pictures are IN!

We are lucky enough to have professional pictures taken at our daycare, and we just got the Fall pictures taken. Here are the proofs-Moose definitely got his photogenic-ness from one of us!

He looks like a future frat boy in that outfit. I almost sent a football as a prop but decided against it, I definitely should have...

Monday, October 8, 2007

Literary Characters I Would Totally Snog

I've been tagged by my Mom, Mrs. Who over at Mrs. Who's Open Book to write a list of characters that I would totally snog, you know, if they were real.

1. Gabriel Cynster from Stephanie Lauren's Cynster series, A Secret Lover. (really, I would take any of the Cynsters, they all seem like a yummy bunch. There is just something about Gabriel... and Vane, I like Vane too. Okay-I love them all.

2. Morelli from Janet Evanovich's Plum series. (it's the cop thing)

3. Dirk Pit from Clive Cussler Dirk Pitt series (but the Sahara book is my favorite.)

4. Rhett Butler from Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind. (I DO give a damn.)

5. Sam Hooker from Janet Evanovich's Alex Barnaby series. (rev my motor, baby.)

Annnd, I'm done. That's a whole lot of linking, cutting, and pasting. Plus, I can't really think of any more. But I do see a pattern of men from book series, which means I guess I like to build a relationship with my literary characters before I snog them.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pun-kin! Pun-kin!

We made our now annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. The Patch we had previously been visiting, and the one I visited as a child, closed this year due to new ownership.

I was very upset when I figured it out actually. Apparently there had been a big write up in the local paper, but I totally missed it. (I don't actually read the paper, but I do frequent the paper's website which seems to normally cover everything, you know, for free) We do actually have a friend who lives in our neighborhood and is a paper "boy", so we do occasionally get a paper for free.

Anyhoo-I did some research and found another local patch where we could go pick out a pumpkin, shop crafty stuff, and eat fried apples, funnel cakes, and have fresh cider. So we went to Boyd's Orchard.

And so did everyone else in our town.

On top of the crowds, it was unbelievably hot. Sweltering actually. There's not a lot of shade in a pumpkin patch.

This year, I actually managed to schedule it so that the majority of our friends could come. We did eat together, but ended up splitting into groups to explore the farm. There was a large barn that was fashioned into a craft shop, and an eatery with hot dogs and the like.

So we made our way in, past the crowd of people only to get into a large line to order food. We got our food and sat at about three tables that were near each other, then we finished up and headed outside.

Into the sun.

So they had a huge play area, unfortunately it was for bigger kids than Moose. Charing's other kids, Zach and Morgan came, so they played a bit, and took Carter in to play on the slide. We ended up taking the hayride over to see the orchards, and corn maze.

Cory was not impressed.

Though Moose and I were. Moose sat in Cory's lap, and Mimi's some and watched all the trees and patches fly by.

It was the best thing we did all day-because there was a breeze.

After the hayride we went up front and picked out our pumpkins. Moose picked out two small ones, and I figured we would buy some larger ones at Wal-Mart or Kroger this week.

Needless to say, when we got home, we all collapsed into a heat-induced nap.

As commercial as it was, we did have fun. I do think next year I am going to try and find another less-crowded place.

Here are some highlights: