Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moose's 2nd Birthday List

Because I've been asked what Moose needs for his birthday, I am going to supply you with some ideas. This is in no way asking for gifts! Trust me, the kid wants for nothing!

First of all, let me stress that Moose does NOT NEED ANY TOYS. Really. None. Though I'm sure he wants some. So use your judgment on that front.

Moose is wearing 24 months shirts, but that size fits a bit on the snug side, so I am going to request that you buy him 2T size shirts. This guarantees that he'll be able to wear them for a while.
Moose is in 24 months pants, ("18-24 months" from the Gap is too small, it must be either 24 months or 2T) and will be for a while. So you should be safe with that size.
He NEEDS pajamas. I like the warm and toasty feety pajamas. This is because Cory chooses to keep our house a degree above frosty, and also, I just think they are pretty cute. He needs size 2T pajamas, because they always seem to shrink.
I am planning on buying him some new tennis shoes next weekend, and I am assuming his shoe size will be up a size from last time, which is 6 wide. His feet are definitely wide.

Art supplies:
A good idea for gifts that we don't have, and will be fun for Moose too, would be art supplies. He loves to draw and play with Playdoh, so simple art supplies would be really fun.
big crayons
Playdoh sets
washable markers
coloring books
(God help me) finger paints
artist smock

As I said, he doesn't need anything at all, but I guess I will just sell some of the older toys to make way for these.
car stuff
kitchen play sets
little people sets

General Likes:
Blue's Clues
Little Einstein
Pooh & Tigger
Mickey Mouse Club
Higglytown Heros

If you have any questions, just drop me a line.