Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another Busy Weekend...

Oh yes.

After four fun-filled hours of solo toddler wrangling, this is all I can offer. I am ready to pass out, but I have to spend the evening writing birthday invitations for Moose's upcoming birthday.

Why am I solo? Cory is currently driving to Chicago for BMW training. Darn the new cars, every time a new model comes out, he has to go be trained on it. Oh well, we can do without him for a few days. Luckily, this time, he'll be home for Halloween.

Well, I had a ton of pictures to upload, but blogger is taking too long, so you only get one for the moment. Sorry about that, at least it's a funny one.

I had planned to write a bit about my new TMJ mouth guard, but honestly? It isn't bothering me much anymore, so when I get a chance, I'll take some pictures of it, and give you an update.