Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sorry I've Been MIA

Well I've fallen down on blogging this week, mainly because I've been so busy! (I know everyone says that,... but really!)

Cory just got back from school in Chicago last night. So I've been the solo parent for the last three nights. We did a call each night before bedtime to do the Night-Night routine. Moose was okay with Cory being gone, but not great. He kept asking for him, and even said, "I want Daddy" very clearly on Monday. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that much for him on that front. I also apparently barely eat when Cory is gone, it's kind of like, if I can't cook for someone, why cook for myself? Apparently I can never live by myself again or I will waste away, eating crackers and drinking from the carton.

What? Why am I blogging at 2:30 PM on a weekday? Well, daycare called to tell me that Moose threw up, and was generally fussy. When I picked him up? He was happily playing on the playground...and is currently down for the count. He will be going back to daycare tomorrow.

I got Moose's Big 2nd Birthday Bash invites out to everyone I think. I am so scared no one is going to come. No, I am not talking about you, I'm sure you are coming! I am talking about his daycare friends. I put the invites in their pockets, just like I've seen other parents do. But I have not received any RSVPs yet, of course, is that saying much? Does, like, anyone RSVP anymore? How am I supposed to order food for an unknown amount of people?

Also? Company B is officially shut down. The place is a ghost town. F Corp is moving to our new office space TOMORROW.

And I am home with Moose.


That's right. At least I am packed.

So I am trying to enjoy my afternoon off. I am watching scary movies while Moose sleeps, and sort of mentally gearing up for the trick-or-treaters that will be descending in a few hours. I have never had t-o-t before, and I am kind of looking forward to it.

My M&D are coming to help me. So I am planning on taking Moose around our court, then sitting on the porch with him to hand out candy. We'll see how it goes.

I'm sure I'll have pictures soon.