Sunday, April 22, 2007

April Picture Update!

I know you have all been going into withdrawal with the recent drought of baby pictures. But seriously! He is SO FAST. All pictures I take of him, are a blur, unless he is restrained! So here are a few to (hopefully) sate your appetite:
First: Ha! I bet you didn't think I would post this, did you?! Think twice before you take random pictures with my camera Dorko, or I will POST THEM.Second: I have new hair! Here is the before shot. Unfortunately, this is a really bad picture. My hair did not look this bad. I had just gotten out of the shower, and it air dried, so it looks like crap, but it does make the after picture look better... so here is the before shot of my hair.
And here is the after shot. Red and light amber highlights, and two inches shorter. MUCH better.
Moose has recently started to like to sit with us on the couch while we watch TV. Grandaddy watched him on Saturday afternoon while Mimi and I went to D-town to visit Cici and Nana for SIS Day. We had a great time eating at a new chick place, and antiquing. We came home to this:
And here is Cory and Moose laying and watching TV together this morning.

I don't have much planned for the rest of the day. Cory and some of his friends are taking some trees down in the back yard. So I will probably making a big lunch for them, we'll see about that. Plus we have family dinner at Mimi's this evening, so at least I don't have to make dinner;)

The Dude is not in

“Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that's the Dude.”-The Big Lebowski, 1998
My best work friend, Kevin, who Cory lovingly calls “my work husband” had his last day at work on Friday.
Kevin and I have been having lunch together almost everyday for the last three years that I have worked for Company F. He is the one who introduced me to sushi, and tai food. He is the one who spent eight hours a day during my pregnancy listening to every complaint possible because I had every undesirable symptom possible, and didn’t complain himself one time.
He is also the one who only missed one day due to sickness the entire three years that I worked with him. Kevin is also the one who decided to take off all of December “just because”.
Kevin told me about two years ago he would be leaving Company F around this time, but I was hoping he would stay longer. Turns out he had some very interesting plans. He will be going to Tokyo for a little vacation. For a few weeks actually. He has put his stuff into storage and has a plane ticket all ready. He will be heading for Japan on the 30th.

I will be so lonely without him around. Our cubicles back up to each other, so we have been constantly in each other’s company forever. It is going to be so quiet without him to talk to!
Honestly, Kevin doesn’t talk a lot. He just listens to me talk. Talk about everything. My friends, family, beauty stuff. Everything. Sometimes he will have a clever comment to add in, but mostly he listens to me chatter.
Kevin is an extremely talented graphic designer that has somehow managed to not let Company F’s restrictive branding squash his design imagination. He has taught me something new almost everyday, be it about a computer program, or about our Macs.
I am hoping to still keep in touch with him. He has set up a blog at my insistance to cover his adventures in Japan. I may link to it if I think it’s appropriate later. I’ll let you know.
The only good thing in Kevin leaving is that I do get to steal his fab cubicle. It is about twice the size of mine. So I plan to move over to it on Monday. That’s about the only good thing I can think of. That, and all the money I’m going to save not going out to lunch!

So goodbye my friend, I will miss your extremely amusing negative views, and witty banter. It will be very quiet without you, and no one will ever replace you in my heart.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Adventures In Shopping

I went shopping this evening. I put Wesley to bed at 6:30, and had plenty of time to run to the mall for the huge sale that JC Penny was having. I was in desperate need of a cute top for the big party tomorrow. Jenn’s husband is turning 30, and she is having a huge bash for him.
So I want a new top for it.
I realize I have plenty of tops. But they are boring and I hate them. I need something NEW.
So Cory came in from mowing the lawn, and we debated if I could just wear something that I already owned, which we mutually decided that NO, I can’t wear something I already own. Why? Because I said so. That’s right, I pulling that out.
So indeed, JC Penny was having a wonderful sale. They are turning 150 this week, so almost everything in the store was on sale. I had collected several cute tops to try on, and was heading through the juniors section to the dressing room.
Now, I can actually wear clothes from the juniors department. I don’t normally. Mainly because they are too tight, or too short. (you can’t show tummy, no matter how flat it is if you are almost 30-this I feel certain about) But some suits in the junior department caught my eye. They were HALF PRICE. Half! For a two piece suit! So I grabbed my size and headed into the dressing room.
I tried on the suit last. All of the tops fit (of course because I didn’t want to spend that much-if I had a ton of money to spend none of them would have fit) so I moved on to the suit.
First, the skirt. It was so cute. Ivory with a navy pinstripe. Cute little matching sash. Very nice pencil type, it reached right above the knee. Perfectly acceptable for work.
So then, the jacket. I unbuttoned the jacket, and slid it on my arms. There was some slight resistance over my arms. I kind of shrugged my arms back and forth and it slid right on.
Since my pregnancy, I can honestly say, my body is exactly the same as it was before. Except for two things. My hips are a bit wider, but not too much, because I wear the same clothes that I wore before my pregnancy, and my arms.
My freakish arms.
For some reason unbeknownst to myself. My arm muscles have, I would say, possibly tripled in size. About six months after Moose was born I was sitting at the computer and Cory ran his hand from my neck to my arm, and exclaimed, “Damn honey your bicep is HUGE!” And he was right. For some reason-possibly the 25ish pound baby I pick up, set down, carry around, repeat… my arms muscles are huge.
So 18ish months after my pregnancy I was standing in a dressing room at JC Penny during a great sale, and I got myself stuck in a jacket.
I swear, I did not force my arms in that jacket. Really. But when I tried to take it off. It. Would. Not. Come. Off.
It only came as far as the beginning of my bicep. Then it stuck. On both arms.
I shimmied, I shook, I jumped up and down.
Mild panic.
I had managed to slid it slightly down, just enough to effectively pin both of my arms behind my back, trapped within the cute little cap sleeves. With the navy pinstripes.
Slightly more panic.
My face started to get a bit hot.
Especially since the entire fitting room was stuffed with women. Women who were trying on Prom dresses and such. Women who were waiting in line, for my dressing room.
Women who might be able to help me out of this damn jacket?
But I couldn’t even get the door open with my arms pinned behind me. I stood there, panic rising. Shaking back and forth a little more violently now.
Lots of panic.
I freeze. One of the sleeves must have ripped a bit, because one of my arms managed to slid through the micro sized cap sleeve hole.
One arm free.
Of course, with one arm free, I could use it to free the other arm, because without the muscle flexed, it slid right out. It was slightly red. I am not making this up. The damn thing practically bruised my arm.
I threw it down into the pile of clothes on the floor, like it was the jacket’s fault. Not like it was mine or anything. Then I picked it up, put it back on the hanger.
No noticeable problems with the hem, so I put it back with the rest of the clothes.
And promptly got the hell out of there, before one of the other jackets managed to wrap itself around my arm and trap me there.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

POOtastic Easter

Well Cory and I woke up this morning to find Moose awake and naked in his crib this morning. That's right. At some point in the morning, he had woken up, and shimmied out of his diaper, and pajama bottoms. The usual morning poo? Yes, it was everywhere. It was lovely. We thoroughly enjoyed cleaning it up.
After that, we had our usual holiday breakfast, which is cinnamon rolls out of a can. Love 'em. The Easter Bunny brought Moose a very cool toy that Mommy and Daddy had a good time playing with too. It's a Doodle Pro. Very cool.

Later, we went over to M&Ds for lunch. I brought a delicious cake in my new cake holder that my MIL got me for Xmas. And I also brought a new Swiss Parmesan Potato Casserole. Both went over very well, and we barely had any leftovers.

While Moose got more traditional things in his Easter basket, Cory and I got grown up things. Cory got some booze, and I got a Spa Day. Nice. Yes we still get Easter baskets at my Mom's house. Shut up.
Here is Moose and Uncle Mark playing. I know it's turned, sorry, I am stupid and I can't remember to turn it before I put it up.
We just got home and we are going to be doing laundry and relaxing for the rest of the day.
Oh-and maybe watching some really great movies on the Sci Fi Channel.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Surprise! A BMW X3 Of My Very Own!

Cory is basically the best husband ever!

Thanks so much Cory, I love it!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pictures! Finally!

Wow, so I know most of you have been missing the pictures. So here you go:

Moose had his first official play-date with Carter on Saturday morning. Charing brought the Mimosas, and I made the breakfast casserole, and we gabbed and gossiped, and talked and had a great time! Oh-and the kids played.
Here is my new rug, and throw pillows!! It took me this long to find throw pillows that I liked. Kohls. Seriously that place is my new Mecca.
I organized my storage tubs which translates into I threw away a bunch of crap. I did manage to find my old pager though, so I can rejoin society with this now.
Here is the guest bedroom that is going to be Moose's new room, I took down the border in here too on Sunday, as well as the border downstairs in the family room.
Sorry, I am not messing with turning this, just please turn your head to the left. Sorry again.
Here is the truck that Cory had to go out of town to pick up on Thursday and leave me to be attacked by Bat. He loves it so much.
Here is the house in all of it's Spring glory. Cory went to Lowe's and spent a huge amount on lawn care items we needed. He mowed, fertilized, and seeded, so we are hoping to catch up with the Jone's fabulous yard across the street very soon;)
Here is my Forsythia Bush. Who knew I had a Forsythia? Hm. Not me.

Going Batty II: Bat's Evil Brother

I took it upon myself to take down the border that is in the family room downstairs. We don’t use the family room yet. There is not carpet down there yet, and we have big plans for it. Unfortunately, it is low on the list of priorities.
I did get the bright idea that I could quickly transform the room by just painting the paneling. We have left over paint from the townhouse, and it would transform the room, if not just for a little while, before we get to putting up drywall and such.
So-I was downstairs readying the walls for paint, by taking down the wall border that had been put up. Luckily, the border was hanging on by a wing and a prayer, because it came down super easily. It came down in about five minutes. There was a bit of dirt and grime underneath it, so I was going back over it with a sponge and some water.
I pulled back a piece of furniture from the wall, and there was a black lump curled against the wall.
Being an old pro at handling Bat Attacks, I handled this a well as I handled the last Bat Attack.
I screamed and ran.
Luckily, this time, Cory was home to take care of it. He was in his garage working on lawn stuff.
So I screamed and ran in his direction. During all of this the bat did not move, I thought it might be dead but, you know, better be safe than sorry.
So I ran upstairs to my safe lair, while Cory went to check out the bat in the family room.
He said that he picked it up, and it hissed at him. He also said that it seemed very weak, almost dead.
Personally, if I had picked anything up, and it hissed, I probably would have thrown it down and ran, but being a man and all, Cory handled it well by taking it outside and taking care of it.
We did call the Bat Guy this time, being a reasonable hour and all. And he confirmed what Cory said. Apparently on Thursday, I was tackling two bats, not just one. Since the attic was sealed up after the Thursday attack, that is the only explanation for them.
I am not so sure.
The bat Guy said that if we had another bat, then to call him.
Hopefully this won’t turn into a trilogy.