Sunday, April 8, 2007

POOtastic Easter

Well Cory and I woke up this morning to find Moose awake and naked in his crib this morning. That's right. At some point in the morning, he had woken up, and shimmied out of his diaper, and pajama bottoms. The usual morning poo? Yes, it was everywhere. It was lovely. We thoroughly enjoyed cleaning it up.
After that, we had our usual holiday breakfast, which is cinnamon rolls out of a can. Love 'em. The Easter Bunny brought Moose a very cool toy that Mommy and Daddy had a good time playing with too. It's a Doodle Pro. Very cool.

Later, we went over to M&Ds for lunch. I brought a delicious cake in my new cake holder that my MIL got me for Xmas. And I also brought a new Swiss Parmesan Potato Casserole. Both went over very well, and we barely had any leftovers.

While Moose got more traditional things in his Easter basket, Cory and I got grown up things. Cory got some booze, and I got a Spa Day. Nice. Yes we still get Easter baskets at my Mom's house. Shut up.
Here is Moose and Uncle Mark playing. I know it's turned, sorry, I am stupid and I can't remember to turn it before I put it up.
We just got home and we are going to be doing laundry and relaxing for the rest of the day.
Oh-and maybe watching some really great movies on the Sci Fi Channel.