Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pictures! Finally!

Wow, so I know most of you have been missing the pictures. So here you go:

Moose had his first official play-date with Carter on Saturday morning. Charing brought the Mimosas, and I made the breakfast casserole, and we gabbed and gossiped, and talked and had a great time! Oh-and the kids played.
Here is my new rug, and throw pillows!! It took me this long to find throw pillows that I liked. Kohls. Seriously that place is my new Mecca.
I organized my storage tubs which translates into I threw away a bunch of crap. I did manage to find my old pager though, so I can rejoin society with this now.
Here is the guest bedroom that is going to be Moose's new room, I took down the border in here too on Sunday, as well as the border downstairs in the family room.
Sorry, I am not messing with turning this, just please turn your head to the left. Sorry again.
Here is the truck that Cory had to go out of town to pick up on Thursday and leave me to be attacked by Bat. He loves it so much.
Here is the house in all of it's Spring glory. Cory went to Lowe's and spent a huge amount on lawn care items we needed. He mowed, fertilized, and seeded, so we are hoping to catch up with the Jone's fabulous yard across the street very soon;)
Here is my Forsythia Bush. Who knew I had a Forsythia? Hm. Not me.