Sunday, April 1, 2007

Going Batty II: Bat's Evil Brother

I took it upon myself to take down the border that is in the family room downstairs. We don’t use the family room yet. There is not carpet down there yet, and we have big plans for it. Unfortunately, it is low on the list of priorities.
I did get the bright idea that I could quickly transform the room by just painting the paneling. We have left over paint from the townhouse, and it would transform the room, if not just for a little while, before we get to putting up drywall and such.
So-I was downstairs readying the walls for paint, by taking down the wall border that had been put up. Luckily, the border was hanging on by a wing and a prayer, because it came down super easily. It came down in about five minutes. There was a bit of dirt and grime underneath it, so I was going back over it with a sponge and some water.
I pulled back a piece of furniture from the wall, and there was a black lump curled against the wall.
Being an old pro at handling Bat Attacks, I handled this a well as I handled the last Bat Attack.
I screamed and ran.
Luckily, this time, Cory was home to take care of it. He was in his garage working on lawn stuff.
So I screamed and ran in his direction. During all of this the bat did not move, I thought it might be dead but, you know, better be safe than sorry.
So I ran upstairs to my safe lair, while Cory went to check out the bat in the family room.
He said that he picked it up, and it hissed at him. He also said that it seemed very weak, almost dead.
Personally, if I had picked anything up, and it hissed, I probably would have thrown it down and ran, but being a man and all, Cory handled it well by taking it outside and taking care of it.
We did call the Bat Guy this time, being a reasonable hour and all. And he confirmed what Cory said. Apparently on Thursday, I was tackling two bats, not just one. Since the attic was sealed up after the Thursday attack, that is the only explanation for them.
I am not so sure.
The bat Guy said that if we had another bat, then to call him.
Hopefully this won’t turn into a trilogy.