Tuesday, February 20, 2007

15-Month Doc Visit

Well unfortunately, I don’t have a fabulous story to tell about the check up, unlike the 12-Month Bobble Head Episode. Mainly because I was not there. Cory ended up taking him today, I had a dentist appointment. (yes, another one)

Actual conversation between myself and my husband:
Me: Wow, welcome home! How was Moose’s check up?
Cory: Fine.
Me: What did the doctor say? Anything interesting?
Cory: No.
Me: Well, what did he say about Moose walking on his toes?
Cory: He said it was fine.
Me: (grrrrrr) So-you have nothing to share.
Cory: Nope.
Me: (sigh) Alrighty then.

As it turns out, Moose has realized that Bad Things happen at the doctor’s office. Like shots and ear exams. So he recognizes Dr. M as a Bad Person who does Hurtful Things. So of course every time he sees him now, he starts to cry. He did this the last time I took him in, I was hoping it was a fluke, but not so much. Cory did say that Moose cried as soon as Dr. M started advancing towards him. So hopefully he will grow out of that soon.
On a better note, no wait, it’s not really better. It’s kind of annoying actually…anyway, on a different note (there we go) Moose has all kinds of surprises up his sleeve. I was making dinner yesterday while Moose happily played with his fridge toys behind me. All of a sudden, I heard paper ripping.
I turned around, and saw that he had ripped a huge chunk of wallpaper off of the wall! A big chunk! Now we are planning on painting the kitchen eventually, but it was not high on the priority list! Maybe it’s just been moved up. Especially since he keeps picking at it every time I turn around! He ripped off another big chunk today when I was on the phone!
So my Baby Safe Zone has been compromised by wallpaper. Quite annoying.
To end on a good note, here’s the stats:
Height: 30 inches, 10-25th percentile
Weight: 23 lbs. 8 oz. 25-50th percentile
Head: (oh yeah baby) 19.5 inches, >95th percentile

Sunday, February 18, 2007


We got a bit of snow last night. A lot for us-a couple inches or so. And it was finally warm enough for us to take Moose out in it to play. Unfortunately, we don’t have a sled.
Never fear, I am a master of innovation.
I searched the house for something we could use to substitute for a sled. I ran across one of our laundry baskets, and thought maybe we could tie some rope to it, and pull Moose around. I found some rope, and viola! Homemade Kentucky sled! The neighbors may or may not have been making fun of me. They were watching out the window a bit.
Moose liked it, but the snow was really bright, and he spent most of the time squinting against the light. He did giggle a bit though.
Here’s some pictures that Cory snapped of me pulling him around the front yard.

And that's really about all we accomplished this weekend. Cory worked a half day on Saturday and I worked a bit from home too. We had planned to go out to see a movie that evening, but with the snow storm we had, we decided not to go out.
And we've just chilled in front of the TV this afternoon. Waiting on pins and needles for the Daytona 500 to start. We are both fully prepared. Cory has the couch all broken in, and a ton of snacks ready. I, have a fab romance novel to bury myself in. Hey, whatever works!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Walking The Line

Check it out!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Sorry to everyone who stopped by expecting a Valentine's post on actual Valentine's Day. We had way too much going on in this family. We were all wrapped up in eating pizza and watching TV snuggled on the couch. Important stuff like that:)

I did catch some pictures of the Moose outside yesterday. This is really the only good one, the rest are a blur of him flopping and trying to chase Scout around. I had big plans before that of course. I bought him a super cute red shirt with Pooh giving Valentines on it. I was planning on taking pictures after work. Unfortunately "cute special outfit" translates into "immediately hork on this outfit". Soooo... we decided to take some pictures outside.

Here is the Bear Valentine Box that daycare made for Moose.
Here is the Pooh I got for Moose, it matched the Pooh shirt purrrfectly.
Oh well.
Moose has started walking more and more. He walked across the kitchen this evening. Which was VERY exciting for us.
The excessive drool and general fussiness seems to be pointing towards the molars coming in. I waited until I was giving him his pink eye medicine this evening so I could see into his mouth while he was screaming. And yes, indeedy he does have some molars coming in. So joy for us. Everyone says this is so bad. So we're not really looking forward to it, but we'll see.
I want to wholeheartedly recommend a lotion that I recently read about on Amalah's site. I have extremely dry skin that really flares up in the winter. I read about Curel in the blue bottle on her site, and I picked up a bottle to try it. IT IS AWESOME. I really stays on your skin, moisturizing all day, and I am not allergic to it, which is amazing! I have also switched Moose over to it, because he seems to have inherited my freakish-sensitive-dry-skin. It is available at drugstores, or grocery stores in the lotion aisle. I get the fragrance-free kind. It's awesome-REALLY!!
Moose said "thank you" today. Not for the first time. He's been saying it for a while now, and I haven't noticed. Apparently, I am striving to be mother-of-the-year.

As I was signing Moose in at daycare, I left him with his friend Alyssa and the teacher. The teacher handed him a block to play with, and he babbled his toddler babble. And then the teacher smiled and said, "well 'thank you?' you're welcome!" And then I realized. He had said "thank you" and I hadn't even noticed! And he's been saying it for a while too! So apparently he's talking a bit more than we realized. Oops.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Seeing With Rose Colored Glasses

Not quite rose colored. But definitely pink. That's right, the pink eye is revisiting our household. I'll be working from home tomorrow.

Cory has also developed a new way to carry Moose around with him:Very convenient.

Moose has started repeating simple words, like kitty "itty", dog "ogg", and Mama, and Dada.
Not much going on here. Pretty laid back. Cory and I were lucky enough to have a date on Saturday. We went out to eat and then shopping at the mall. Sunday we just hit the grocery and watched movies all day. Our fav.

Cory went back to work today. He insists that he is not in any pain, and that he was ready to go back. Moose and I really missed him meeting us at the door when we got home today. The house was very quiet without him! Of course, he got home about a half hour after us-but still! I got used to him helping me as soon as we walked through the door. It is just all easier with two! But he is thrilled to be back at work. He really loves his job-which is a blessing.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Yes-Another Video!

Okay, so this is kind of a copout post, considering I just uploaded another video. But we've been a bit busy around here lately with my job changing a bit, and Cory going back to work on Monday.
I promise to post a good update post at the end of the weekend. Until then, enjoy!
Wes walking with Mater:

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Here is Moose and Daddy playing Peek-a-boo.

Friday, February 2, 2007


This week flew by. Cory's post-op doctor's visit was Thursday. The doctor has cleared him to go back to work on February 12th. He is going stir-crazy so he's looking forward to going back. He can't really do much around the house, because all of the repairs that need to made require him to be scrounging around on his knees. So he's done little things. Like replace the dimmer switch in the dining room that I somehow ripped off last weekend with my brute strength. Things like that.
I ended up staying home with Moose on Thursday, I thought that he might have an ear infection so I took him in to the doctor. And he did! One of his ears was infected so we are on the pink stuff for a week or so. Luckily Moose loves it and sucks it right out of the dropper.
Moose is also loving the teeth brushing thing. He was okay with it before, but I got him a special Power Ranger toothpaste and Baby Einstein toothbrush for toddlers, and he is totally in to it. Loves the taste. And giggles when we brush him up.
And something great happened at daycare. Moose is not the only crocodile at daycare! I saw one of the teachers give another Mom (not ME yea!) one of the teeth biting accident forms. I got to see her face fill with embarrassed horror, just like mine did/does. She apologised to the teacher just like did/do, and scooped up her son and walked out. I saw her in the parking lot, and wanted to tell her I knew how she felt, that Moose did it too, but she got into her car too fast. So I guess all the moms/dads feel bad when they kids hurt other kids (by accident of course). So I'm going to maybe say something the next time I see her.
On a good note, our new furniture came in!!
Unfortunately, one of the pieces is broken, so they had to reorder that. Annoying. But everything else looks great!
Here's the new entertainment center-the piece with the X is the one that is on order!And it totally closes! My mom said that we would never close it, that it would always be on while we're home. So I am going to make sure that it is always closed when she is comes over.:)
Here's my new curio cabinet! Notice my amberina is on top. Notice all the room I have for more amberina glassware... you know... for when I get new stuff!
I am retarded and can't figure out how to change this around, so just turn your head, please.
Scout's new favorite spot:

Some of the first steps! He's taking two or three, then plopping on his bottom.
Have a good weekend!