Monday, February 12, 2007

Seeing With Rose Colored Glasses

Not quite rose colored. But definitely pink. That's right, the pink eye is revisiting our household. I'll be working from home tomorrow.

Cory has also developed a new way to carry Moose around with him:Very convenient.

Moose has started repeating simple words, like kitty "itty", dog "ogg", and Mama, and Dada.
Not much going on here. Pretty laid back. Cory and I were lucky enough to have a date on Saturday. We went out to eat and then shopping at the mall. Sunday we just hit the grocery and watched movies all day. Our fav.

Cory went back to work today. He insists that he is not in any pain, and that he was ready to go back. Moose and I really missed him meeting us at the door when we got home today. The house was very quiet without him! Of course, he got home about a half hour after us-but still! I got used to him helping me as soon as we walked through the door. It is just all easier with two! But he is thrilled to be back at work. He really loves his job-which is a blessing.