Friday, February 2, 2007


This week flew by. Cory's post-op doctor's visit was Thursday. The doctor has cleared him to go back to work on February 12th. He is going stir-crazy so he's looking forward to going back. He can't really do much around the house, because all of the repairs that need to made require him to be scrounging around on his knees. So he's done little things. Like replace the dimmer switch in the dining room that I somehow ripped off last weekend with my brute strength. Things like that.
I ended up staying home with Moose on Thursday, I thought that he might have an ear infection so I took him in to the doctor. And he did! One of his ears was infected so we are on the pink stuff for a week or so. Luckily Moose loves it and sucks it right out of the dropper.
Moose is also loving the teeth brushing thing. He was okay with it before, but I got him a special Power Ranger toothpaste and Baby Einstein toothbrush for toddlers, and he is totally in to it. Loves the taste. And giggles when we brush him up.
And something great happened at daycare. Moose is not the only crocodile at daycare! I saw one of the teachers give another Mom (not ME yea!) one of the teeth biting accident forms. I got to see her face fill with embarrassed horror, just like mine did/does. She apologised to the teacher just like did/do, and scooped up her son and walked out. I saw her in the parking lot, and wanted to tell her I knew how she felt, that Moose did it too, but she got into her car too fast. So I guess all the moms/dads feel bad when they kids hurt other kids (by accident of course). So I'm going to maybe say something the next time I see her.
On a good note, our new furniture came in!!
Unfortunately, one of the pieces is broken, so they had to reorder that. Annoying. But everything else looks great!
Here's the new entertainment center-the piece with the X is the one that is on order!And it totally closes! My mom said that we would never close it, that it would always be on while we're home. So I am going to make sure that it is always closed when she is comes over.:)
Here's my new curio cabinet! Notice my amberina is on top. Notice all the room I have for more amberina glassware... you know... for when I get new stuff!
I am retarded and can't figure out how to change this around, so just turn your head, please.
Scout's new favorite spot:

Some of the first steps! He's taking two or three, then plopping on his bottom.
Have a good weekend!