Sunday, February 18, 2007


We got a bit of snow last night. A lot for us-a couple inches or so. And it was finally warm enough for us to take Moose out in it to play. Unfortunately, we don’t have a sled.
Never fear, I am a master of innovation.
I searched the house for something we could use to substitute for a sled. I ran across one of our laundry baskets, and thought maybe we could tie some rope to it, and pull Moose around. I found some rope, and viola! Homemade Kentucky sled! The neighbors may or may not have been making fun of me. They were watching out the window a bit.
Moose liked it, but the snow was really bright, and he spent most of the time squinting against the light. He did giggle a bit though.
Here’s some pictures that Cory snapped of me pulling him around the front yard.

And that's really about all we accomplished this weekend. Cory worked a half day on Saturday and I worked a bit from home too. We had planned to go out to see a movie that evening, but with the snow storm we had, we decided not to go out.
And we've just chilled in front of the TV this afternoon. Waiting on pins and needles for the Daytona 500 to start. We are both fully prepared. Cory has the couch all broken in, and a ton of snacks ready. I, have a fab romance novel to bury myself in. Hey, whatever works!