Monday, June 25, 2007


Everything is cool. A nurse called me this afternoon with the results of my biopsy. She informed me that they got all of it, and it was all benign. She did say to make sure I kept an eye on my skin, for any changes or new moles.
Big thanks to Mrs. Who, who picked up Moose from daycare, and brought my favorite out-food, Olive Garden on Wednesday, Sarah, who brought my favorite salad from Ramsey's on Thursday, and Jenn, who came to stay with me on Friday while Cory had to run an errand. Thanks guys, you're the best!
PS-to Jenn, whatever gossip we exchanged will have to be re-told, I was so drugged I cannot remember a thing you told me. Seriously.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Benign Thoughts

Unfortunately, I won't have the final results until early next week.
The minor surgery went very well, and very quick. So quick that Cory and I were only there less than an hour.
They gave me a local, which numbed me up, and then they cut it out. It was a little wider than a pencil eraser, and just as deep. Then they sewed it up. They didn't have to cut too much of my hair out, I don't think I'll have too much of a scar.
The surgeon did clarify what the pathologist found in the original mole however. What they found in the original thing I had removed in May, was benign, with atypical cells. Not cancer, yet. But, if left alone, it was on it's way towards skin cancer. So they were taking the rest out, to be safe.
This simple surgery has totally knocked me on my butt. It has been extremely painful. So much that I have been heavily medicated since Wednesday night, and I have missed Thursday and Friday of work.
So as I said I should have the final results by early next week, but I expect them to be benign. If anything, I hope this has startled my friends and family into using sunblock and examining their skin. I urge all of you to visit your dermatologist yearly for checkups, similar to your regular doctor. Thank you for all of your support and emails!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Health update...

About a year ago I found an odd looking mole, of all places, on my scalp. It is about an inch in, right where I would part my hair, if I parted it on that side. My hair stylist rediscovered it and told me I should have it looked at.
So I made an appointment at my dermatologist to have it removed. Back in May, I went in and my dermatologist shaved it off with a razor blade. She told me kind of off handedly that they would get back to me with any results, as they had to send it off to be tested.
I kind of forgot about it at that point. I have had another mole removed before, that was on the top of my foot, it looked like I had dripped chocolate ice cream on my foot in a perfect drop. It had turned out to be nothing, why would this?
Well, about a week later, I got a call from my dermatologist’s secretary.
They had found some "atypical cells that may or may not be cancerous". So-I was being transferred to the surgery center to have the rest of it removed, and tested for skin cancer.
My surgery is scheduled for today at 2PM. I have known about this for a while, but I didn’t want everyone else to worry, so I haven’t told very many people.
As most of you know, I have been fanatical about sunscreen since I had Wes, mainly because of the sun spots that popped up during my pregnancy. But mostly because of the whole skin cancer/wrinkles thing. Not getting any younger over here, you know?
I should get the results back from my surgery by Friday, according to the nurse I spoke with. So I am planning on posting those results on Friday for all of you.
I have absolutely no idea how much they are cutting out of my head. I’m sure they will be sensitive to the fact that the spot is so close to my face. I don’t want a huge scar on my head, but I don’t want to die from skin cancer either, you know?
I wish I had taken a picture of the mole to start with, but I didn’t. I did have Cory take a pic of my head this morning, and as long as it’s not gross, I’ll take a picture after the surgery. I do know that my head will be bandaged for a few days, I’m not sure to what extent.
So good thoughts and prayers please! I’ll do my best to keep you updated!
Thanks everyone!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Sorry for the picture cop out post, but I have to make a cake. M&D are coming over for dinner, so I wanted to post up some pictures for you quick. We went to a wedding yesterday, my friend Charing watched Moose for us. She had a big time spoiling him, giving him juice and sweets. We spent today cleaning and playing in Moose's pool. That's it! Sorry so short!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Laundry Room/Hallway Pictures

Here is where we started, with the washer and dryer removed.Laying down the tile.
Cory's friend, Aaron, who helped teach Cory how to lay it down.
Cory cutting tile.
Cory grouting the tile.
The finished product, complete with freshly painted white walls, and a new florescent light.
The next project: the downstairs hallway.
We struggled with what to do downstairs. With the dogs, and the backyard, carpet didn't fit into the situation well. So we decided to tile instead. Cory got to the point below, and ended up hurting his knee. So I took over from there.
I don't have as many "in progress" shots, because, well, I was the one doing the process! But this shows the spacers and the thin-set used to adhere the tiles down.
Here is the finished product, complete with a kitty in action-using the floor!
We're really happy with the way both of the projects turned out. We are carrying the tile throughout the rest of the family room for sure. We have actually discussed knocking down the wall dividing the office and family room so that there is one large room instead, that we would treat as a game room, with a billards table, dart board, and card table (oh-and A BAR!). We are both really excited about this. Cory has to check out the wall, to make sure we can knock it down, I know that there are some low-bearing posts that will need to remain (uh so the house doesn't fall down) but I think that would be okay, and help divide up the room.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A New Member!

Meet Sophie, our newest family member!Sophie is a Wiemaraner that we adopted this weekend.
She has been fitting in just fine so far. The only thing that will require attention immediately is her jumping up on us, which her birth family warned us about. We've been working on it, so hopefully it will not take long. Tonight will be the first night together, so hopefully it will go smoothly.

Here we are playing in the backyard.

Getting to know the Moose.

Petting Scout and Sophie together, so they don't get jealous of one another.
Moose was pretty laid back about the whole thing. He was happy there was a new dog around, but he keeps calling her "cow". I guess because- she is so big? Not sure, she doesn't really look like a cow. It's kind of funny really.
Cory is taking her to the vet tomorrow to catch her up on her shots, and to get her nails trimmed up. She actually came with AKC papers, but we are not planning on breeding her or anything (she is fixed already) we will probably just leave them in the birth family's name. Not a big deal.
Cory is thrilled, because he has always wanted a Weimaraner, it's his dream dog. So he is blissfully happy with her. We are so happy to adopt a new family member, she has a great temperament, and will fit in fabulously.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pictures to Feed Your Fix

We've had a ton going on in this family, so I'm takin' the easy way out, by doing an easy picture post! I'm sure no one will have a problem with that.

Here is my Mother's Day gift from Mimi. The star of Going Batty. My friend Charing suggested I give you guys an action shot in my purple negligee and with my weapon of choice, my broom. But instead you get this gem. Here's a few pics from the PJ SIS Day party at my house.

Moose chillin' with Daddy.

His new favorite spot while I cook: directly in my way.
He is fascinated with Cory's Xbox. So Cory gave him one of his controllers to play with, and he loves it.
We still don't know when Cory's knee surgery will be, we are hoping for next Tuesday.
Moose has been doing fine in his new Big Boy Room. No big news there I am happy to report.

My aunt, Lucy's Mom, has a new post that I found very interesting about meeting her spouse.
My cousin, Boo, has started a new site that will document her family's journey with in vitro fertilization (IVF).
My mom, Mrs. Who, has a great post about what else, but fabulous shoes!