Friday, June 22, 2007

Benign Thoughts

Unfortunately, I won't have the final results until early next week.
The minor surgery went very well, and very quick. So quick that Cory and I were only there less than an hour.
They gave me a local, which numbed me up, and then they cut it out. It was a little wider than a pencil eraser, and just as deep. Then they sewed it up. They didn't have to cut too much of my hair out, I don't think I'll have too much of a scar.
The surgeon did clarify what the pathologist found in the original mole however. What they found in the original thing I had removed in May, was benign, with atypical cells. Not cancer, yet. But, if left alone, it was on it's way towards skin cancer. So they were taking the rest out, to be safe.
This simple surgery has totally knocked me on my butt. It has been extremely painful. So much that I have been heavily medicated since Wednesday night, and I have missed Thursday and Friday of work.
So as I said I should have the final results by early next week, but I expect them to be benign. If anything, I hope this has startled my friends and family into using sunblock and examining their skin. I urge all of you to visit your dermatologist yearly for checkups, similar to your regular doctor. Thank you for all of your support and emails!