Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Laundry Room/Hallway Pictures

Here is where we started, with the washer and dryer removed.Laying down the tile.
Cory's friend, Aaron, who helped teach Cory how to lay it down.
Cory cutting tile.
Cory grouting the tile.
The finished product, complete with freshly painted white walls, and a new florescent light.
The next project: the downstairs hallway.
We struggled with what to do downstairs. With the dogs, and the backyard, carpet didn't fit into the situation well. So we decided to tile instead. Cory got to the point below, and ended up hurting his knee. So I took over from there.
I don't have as many "in progress" shots, because, well, I was the one doing the process! But this shows the spacers and the thin-set used to adhere the tiles down.
Here is the finished product, complete with a kitty in action-using the floor!
We're really happy with the way both of the projects turned out. We are carrying the tile throughout the rest of the family room for sure. We have actually discussed knocking down the wall dividing the office and family room so that there is one large room instead, that we would treat as a game room, with a billards table, dart board, and card table (oh-and A BAR!). We are both really excited about this. Cory has to check out the wall, to make sure we can knock it down, I know that there are some low-bearing posts that will need to remain (uh so the house doesn't fall down) but I think that would be okay, and help divide up the room.