Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sinking Our Teeth Into Brushing

I was using an infant gum and teeth cleaner to clean Moose's teeth. However since our baby is a moose with crocodile teeth, we switched over to a big boy tooth brush so that Mommy didn't lose a finger.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

ByeBye, Bottle!

Just a quick little update here, mainly because even though we had a thoroughly busy weekend, I've have gotten out of the habit of taking my camera with me! Seriously, I need to get back in the habit! I mean, what if Moose tries to throw his sock out the window again?? Okay, so my camera is back in my purse.
Aaaanyway, Moose and I met my cousins and the moms for lunch in a little town around the bend. It was very yummy, and pretty cool, built in an old train station depot. I was very proud of Moose, he was very good and ate animal crackers in his high chair while we ate, and talked and ate, and laughed, and ate some more. We like to eat.
Saturday was actually the third day without ANY bottles! So I am reporting that we are DONE with the bottles!! So pleased, because I honestly hate washing them. Dishwater and soap really bothers the skin on my hands, so I am happy to not have to do it on a regular basis anymore. Plus, Moose is just such a big boy now!
AND a very exciting event happened at M&Ds on Sunday evening. Moose ate dinner with us. Wait, I know he always eats dinner with us, but, this time he ate what we were having, no special baby foods, or special anything! I dumped the Italian casserole type thing that Mimi made on his high chair and he started shoveling it in! So we are pretty close to saying byebye to special baby food stuffs too! Which will definitely be easier on our grocery budget!
So we're saying byebye to baby things and hello to new toddler things!
Small side note about three new blog friends that I now have:
My cousin is now writing a blog, Bio Girl.
Moose's Mimi is also writing a blog, I Know Where You Can Find It.
And my aunt in California has also started a blog, Musings From the Left Coast.
So-check them out if you get a chance, writing fabulously may just run in my family!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


A few bath time pictures:And one of the infamous hat.
Playing with toys.

He looks like a little baby in these pictures! Something about being a chubby in the tub. In big boy clothes, he looks like a little person! I had to buy size XL onesies for him last weekend. I guess after he outgrows these, he WON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE! Kind of startling. He might not need them now, but I like him in them, and I like wearing undershirt type things under my clothes, so he gets to wear them too.
Cory is doing well, his foot is no longer green. He was able to take a shower last night, so he's feeling a lot better. His knee is much less swollen, and he's limping a lot less. He can't bend it very well though. And he's off his meds entirely, just on antibiotics and such.
We have a date planned for Friday, which we are both looking forward to, not to sure what we are doing yet. And Saturday is SIS day with my girls, so that should be fun.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Love to all.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Official Bulletin

-My son is a biter-
It is absolutely killing me too. When I picked up Moose yesterday, he actually had two accident reports. One for wacking himself with a toy, and another one for biting another kid again.
I feel so guilty! Is it something that we’re doing wrong? I mean, I’m pretty sure he has no idea that he’s hurting anyone, until they scream of course.

I promptly went home and googled how to stop my demon child from wreaking havoc on his daycare friends. (and his friend Carter, I really don’t want him biting Carter) And most of the info was the same, just “tell them no, and that it hurts to bite”. That kind of thing.
But I also read one site that instructed time out for them after they bit a child. It said to put him in his crib for one minute for every year of age. I remembered that the first accident report that we got last week for biting said that the daycare teacher put him in his crib to calm down, so I guess that’s the route they are taking. Not sure how I feel about time out. I know a lot of people use it, but does it really do anything? My M&D (mom and dad) didn’t do it with me or my brother, but Cory is telling me my Mil (mom-in-law) used it with him and his brother.

I was really hoping last week was a one-time thing, but it looks like Moose’s bite is just as bad as his bark.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cory's Knee Surgery

My big, strong husband.And his bright green foot. It is from the disinfectant that they put on during the surgery.
Chillin' on the couch.
I had a perfect plan put together when Cory first told me his surgery was at 6:30 in the morning. Sarah was keeping Moose overnight, I would drive Cory in for surgery, it would take an hour or so, and we would get back home after surgery just in time for me to put Cory to bed, and for me to get a full day’s work from home.
They changed his appointment time to later in the morning. Not until 9:30. So we got to “sleep late”. Which translated into-we got up normally with Moose at 6:30 or so. I went ahead and took Moose into daycare hoping to get some work done before we left for the hospital. Unfortunately as time worked out, I got back from daycare, and we left about 15 minutes later. Sooo, still no work done.
We were early for his appointment, and they ended up taking him back early. I recognized his nurse, but couldn’t place her. Turns out I went to high school with her. Luckily, we weren’t close friends (I would have felt really stupid if that had been true) but we knew some people who knew each other. When I figured out who she was, I remembered that she didn’t like me at all, so I kind of wondered if she remembered that as well. We didn’t bring it up.
Cory and I kissed and hugged and I told him good luck, and they wheeled him off, sending me to the waiting room.
About an hour later, (thank God I brought a magazine, they didn’t have any interesting ones to read, and they had the TV on the MSNBC which =boring) they came out and I met with the doctor who performed surgery on Cory’s knee.
We met in a little conference room with two little chairs. He sat down and held up several pictures of blurry unrecognizable objects. Here’s kind of how it went:

Dr: Here is a picture of the inside of Cory’s knee, see how this is clearly torn?

Me: (Torn? What part of the blob is torn?) Sure, yes, definitely.

Dr: Well, I had to remove part of the top of the meniscus, see, this here?

Me: (What? Where? Huh?) Yes, sure, definitely.

Dr: And I was able to repair the meniscus here, see?

Me: (eh?) Yes, sure, definitely.

Dr: (proudly) And THIS is how it looks now, great, right? It looks just great.

Me: (the blob definitely looks much better in that pic) Yes. Totally better.

About another hour later, Cory woke up from the drugs, and I got to go back and see him. He was a little loopy, commenting on how pretty the picture in his room was, but otherwise he was doing well. They shoved us out the door shortly after and I stopped and got his prescription filled, and we headed home.
He is doing pretty well. Much better than we expected. He's able to put some weight on the knee and walk without crutches. We are keeping him doped up, giving him medicine every four hours. Tomorrow he'll take them as needed.
Since he's more mobile than we planned, it's not been the huge hassle we planned for. He's been helping with Moose, and pretty much just taking it easy.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Post Test

This is a test to check out the new blog.