Thursday, January 25, 2007


A few bath time pictures:And one of the infamous hat.
Playing with toys.

He looks like a little baby in these pictures! Something about being a chubby in the tub. In big boy clothes, he looks like a little person! I had to buy size XL onesies for him last weekend. I guess after he outgrows these, he WON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE! Kind of startling. He might not need them now, but I like him in them, and I like wearing undershirt type things under my clothes, so he gets to wear them too.
Cory is doing well, his foot is no longer green. He was able to take a shower last night, so he's feeling a lot better. His knee is much less swollen, and he's limping a lot less. He can't bend it very well though. And he's off his meds entirely, just on antibiotics and such.
We have a date planned for Friday, which we are both looking forward to, not to sure what we are doing yet. And Saturday is SIS day with my girls, so that should be fun.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend. Love to all.