Sunday, January 28, 2007

ByeBye, Bottle!

Just a quick little update here, mainly because even though we had a thoroughly busy weekend, I've have gotten out of the habit of taking my camera with me! Seriously, I need to get back in the habit! I mean, what if Moose tries to throw his sock out the window again?? Okay, so my camera is back in my purse.
Aaaanyway, Moose and I met my cousins and the moms for lunch in a little town around the bend. It was very yummy, and pretty cool, built in an old train station depot. I was very proud of Moose, he was very good and ate animal crackers in his high chair while we ate, and talked and ate, and laughed, and ate some more. We like to eat.
Saturday was actually the third day without ANY bottles! So I am reporting that we are DONE with the bottles!! So pleased, because I honestly hate washing them. Dishwater and soap really bothers the skin on my hands, so I am happy to not have to do it on a regular basis anymore. Plus, Moose is just such a big boy now!
AND a very exciting event happened at M&Ds on Sunday evening. Moose ate dinner with us. Wait, I know he always eats dinner with us, but, this time he ate what we were having, no special baby foods, or special anything! I dumped the Italian casserole type thing that Mimi made on his high chair and he started shoveling it in! So we are pretty close to saying byebye to special baby food stuffs too! Which will definitely be easier on our grocery budget!
So we're saying byebye to baby things and hello to new toddler things!
Small side note about three new blog friends that I now have:
My cousin is now writing a blog, Bio Girl.
Moose's Mimi is also writing a blog, I Know Where You Can Find It.
And my aunt in California has also started a blog, Musings From the Left Coast.
So-check them out if you get a chance, writing fabulously may just run in my family!