Saturday, April 26, 2008

Baby Avery's Shower!

As most of you know, my cousin-sister Jennifer is adopting a baby girl from Guatemala. Avery is almost ready to come home to meet us!

Today Sarah, Missy, Mom and me hosted a baby shower for Jenn! Here are some great pics from the event:

In My Infinite Wisdom

I had my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. I've known they should come out for a while, they have been impacted for about a year now.

About two months ago, the pain in my upper left jaw was so intense, I thought the root canal I had last summer had become infected. So when my dentist agreed with me, I went to see a root canal specialist to see about fixing or re-doing the root canal. Turned out the root canal was just fine.

It was my wisdom teeth. They were making their presence known, my shoving all of my teeth together. So much so, that my mouth guard I sleep in was tighter each night.

So I went to see an oral surgeon about having my wisdom teeth removed. He agreed they needed to be removed, so I scheduled the surgery for last Tuesday.

Cory and I arrived at the office on Tuesday, they immediately took me back, gave me laughing gas, started my IV, and gave me "something to help me relax" then by the magic of painkillers, I woke up to find the surgery done, and Cory coaxing me into a wheelchair.

I don't remember much after that. I don't remember the drive home, getting inside, or into bed. But I do remember waking up every half hour or so, when Cory came in to check on me, re-situate the ice packs, and give me pain meds.

After a few hours of sleep, he came in to give me medicine, and I woke up starving. So Cory helped me into the living room to sit on the couch, so he could help me eat some applesauce.

As I was sitting on the couch, with the bowl of applesauce, and glass of juice, I started to feel funny. I told Cory to take the juice so I didn't spill it. Which he did.

Then the heat and blackness took over. I couldn't move, and it felt like there was pressure all over my body. I woke up several minutes later laid out on the couch, with Cory pouring juice down my throat.

Turns out I was out for five to ten minutes, during which Cory freaked out, called 911, and the dentist, finally realizing I was having issues with the anesthesia. The dentist said something about all the carbon dioxide rising to my head because I was sitting up, and it made me pass out. It was so scary, because towards the end, I could hear Cory talking to me, and the operator, but I couldn't move or respond. At that point I started to hyperventilate. According to the dentist that was good, because my body was regulating its oxygen levels.

For the next few hours, I was light-headed and very weak. Finally, right before Mom brought Moose home, I was feeling better. So apparently I have a problem with anesthesia.

I tried to be so good about taking my pain medicine, and following the rules about not spitting or sucking too much. I stayed home on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I went back to work on Thursday, and with all the talking I did with my friends and co-workers, my jaw started to swell and turn black and blue. That evening I actually cried my jaw hurt so bad. At that point I realized something was probably wrong.

So Friday morning I went back to the dentist to have them look and see if every was okay. I didn't think it was, because I had a huge hole in the back of my jaw, where you could see my jaw bone through it.

The dentist diagnosed me with a dry socket, which is very common. The nurse set me up with a packing that she put in the "hole" that had medicine and cloves in it. I could not imagine as she was stuffing it in, that it would make me feel better, but somehow it did.

I'm feeling much better now. When I first had my pain meds filled I was shocked to see I had refills on the pain meds, I kind of scoffed and thought, who would have to have these refilled? I never us all them when I'm sick!

So I had to have them refilled on Friday too of course. I am happy to report though, that with the new packing for my dry socket, I am down to one Vicodin, instead of two. That was an accomplishment too.

So I'm feeling much better, to my family's relief, I'm sure. Cory has been single-parenting all week! Special thanks to everyone who's had a help in my recovery!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am such a bad blogger...

Sorry I've been neglecting you, old blog. I know the tens of people that read you every day depend on me to update, so that they can see fabulous pictures of Moose and Cory:)

So-I have a lot to catch you up on. I'll try to include everything, so this should be a long picture-logged post.

First of all, here is my old computer:

And here is my brand-new rockin' computer:

Second of all, the new dishwasher we bought with our tax return:
Here is the old one:

Here is the new one:
Third of all, I decided to update my closet. I was thinking there was more I could do with it. So Cory bought me a very cool kit that doubled my space, and added in shelves. Very swanky.
Here is the old closet:
And here is the new one. I totally recommend one of these kits, I can easily see all of my clothes now. And if you see them, you'll wear them!

And now, some family photos I've been saving:
Would you like... an eggo? A... hot pocket?

And for those of you that are still with us:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Picture Post!

Things have been pretty busy around the Bee Household these past few days. Cory has been busy planning a bachelor party for our friend Steve, and I have been playing taxi driver for Moose.

Moose was invited to his first friend's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. It was at Gymborie, where we held Moose's party. It was a blast! They sang songs I actually knew this time, and they seemed to have a better sequence of events. They played a bit, sang a song, danced, played a bit, played a game, danced, etc. Moose had a wonderful time. He also got very cool gift bags, that were actually a sand pail, with gifts inside. VERY COOL. At least Moose and I thought so. I let Moose pick out the gift for Friend H, and he really wanted to keep it for himself. Luckily, when the time came, it was given with minimal fuss and muss.

Cory has been given the honor of being Steve's best man in his upcoming wedding. Steve is getting married in late May, and it is going to be a WEEKEND EVENT. We have the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner on Friday, wedding the next day, reception, cookout on Sunday after, then we head home. This all happens up in Louisville. So we are staying overnight for a weekend away! Now that I am typing this, I am realizing we have to do something about our dogs. Hmmm. Too bad Mimi and Grandaddy don't like doggies too.

My jaw has been bothering me more than usual, so I went to a specialist that thought my root canal was infected. Turns out it was fine, but my wisdom teeth aren't okay. I get to have them removed next Tuesday. So that should be a blast.

Moose has graduated officially to the Big Boy Bed. He did extremely well his first night, getting up only a few times, asking for water, and "hugs." He is going down really well now, except he does actually still get up a max of about three times, asking for certain things. (mainly "hugs") He picked out Thomas bedding which is very cute. Here's a few pictures I snapped.

The front of his crib comes off, to form a toddler daybed.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Picture Saturday!

*everyone with Readers, please visit and see my new Spring artwork!*

I just flat forgot to post last night. Cory and I got wrapped up in 3:10 To Yuma, which was freakin' awesome, of course I love Westerns, so I'm a bit biased.
We've had a ton of home improvements, (because we got our tax return in the mail) that I plan to post about tomorrow, along with a new recipe that was simple and yummy-if a bit weird.
And, without further ado:

We have a super-big-day planned. Moose has learned how to climb out of his crib at Mimi's house, and a few times I have come in to get him in the morning, and he has his leg hiked up like he's trying to hop out of ours.

So-he is ready for the front of his crib to come off, and transform (picture Transformer sounds here (I tried to type them out, but it did not work AT ALL)) into a daybed. I researched online and found that Target and Wal-Mart have some great toddler sets (like a real bed set, except crib mattress-sized). So we are heading to Target today. I hope they have some in the store, I don't want to order online and have to pay shipping. Plus, I want it NOW. We've been talking it up to Moose all week and we are ready.

I am pumped about this.

What? I am.

This is good right? A seamless transition? Well maybe not. But we can hope.