Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Picture Post!

Things have been pretty busy around the Bee Household these past few days. Cory has been busy planning a bachelor party for our friend Steve, and I have been playing taxi driver for Moose.

Moose was invited to his first friend's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. It was at Gymborie, where we held Moose's party. It was a blast! They sang songs I actually knew this time, and they seemed to have a better sequence of events. They played a bit, sang a song, danced, played a bit, played a game, danced, etc. Moose had a wonderful time. He also got very cool gift bags, that were actually a sand pail, with gifts inside. VERY COOL. At least Moose and I thought so. I let Moose pick out the gift for Friend H, and he really wanted to keep it for himself. Luckily, when the time came, it was given with minimal fuss and muss.

Cory has been given the honor of being Steve's best man in his upcoming wedding. Steve is getting married in late May, and it is going to be a WEEKEND EVENT. We have the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner on Friday, wedding the next day, reception, cookout on Sunday after, then we head home. This all happens up in Louisville. So we are staying overnight for a weekend away! Now that I am typing this, I am realizing we have to do something about our dogs. Hmmm. Too bad Mimi and Grandaddy don't like doggies too.

My jaw has been bothering me more than usual, so I went to a specialist that thought my root canal was infected. Turns out it was fine, but my wisdom teeth aren't okay. I get to have them removed next Tuesday. So that should be a blast.

Moose has graduated officially to the Big Boy Bed. He did extremely well his first night, getting up only a few times, asking for water, and "hugs." He is going down really well now, except he does actually still get up a max of about three times, asking for certain things. (mainly "hugs") He picked out Thomas bedding which is very cute. Here's a few pictures I snapped.

The front of his crib comes off, to form a toddler daybed.