Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cory's Knee Surgery

My big, strong husband.And his bright green foot. It is from the disinfectant that they put on during the surgery.
Chillin' on the couch.
I had a perfect plan put together when Cory first told me his surgery was at 6:30 in the morning. Sarah was keeping Moose overnight, I would drive Cory in for surgery, it would take an hour or so, and we would get back home after surgery just in time for me to put Cory to bed, and for me to get a full day’s work from home.
They changed his appointment time to later in the morning. Not until 9:30. So we got to “sleep late”. Which translated into-we got up normally with Moose at 6:30 or so. I went ahead and took Moose into daycare hoping to get some work done before we left for the hospital. Unfortunately as time worked out, I got back from daycare, and we left about 15 minutes later. Sooo, still no work done.
We were early for his appointment, and they ended up taking him back early. I recognized his nurse, but couldn’t place her. Turns out I went to high school with her. Luckily, we weren’t close friends (I would have felt really stupid if that had been true) but we knew some people who knew each other. When I figured out who she was, I remembered that she didn’t like me at all, so I kind of wondered if she remembered that as well. We didn’t bring it up.
Cory and I kissed and hugged and I told him good luck, and they wheeled him off, sending me to the waiting room.
About an hour later, (thank God I brought a magazine, they didn’t have any interesting ones to read, and they had the TV on the MSNBC which =boring) they came out and I met with the doctor who performed surgery on Cory’s knee.
We met in a little conference room with two little chairs. He sat down and held up several pictures of blurry unrecognizable objects. Here’s kind of how it went:

Dr: Here is a picture of the inside of Cory’s knee, see how this is clearly torn?

Me: (Torn? What part of the blob is torn?) Sure, yes, definitely.

Dr: Well, I had to remove part of the top of the meniscus, see, this here?

Me: (What? Where? Huh?) Yes, sure, definitely.

Dr: And I was able to repair the meniscus here, see?

Me: (eh?) Yes, sure, definitely.

Dr: (proudly) And THIS is how it looks now, great, right? It looks just great.

Me: (the blob definitely looks much better in that pic) Yes. Totally better.

About another hour later, Cory woke up from the drugs, and I got to go back and see him. He was a little loopy, commenting on how pretty the picture in his room was, but otherwise he was doing well. They shoved us out the door shortly after and I stopped and got his prescription filled, and we headed home.
He is doing pretty well. Much better than we expected. He's able to put some weight on the knee and walk without crutches. We are keeping him doped up, giving him medicine every four hours. Tomorrow he'll take them as needed.
Since he's more mobile than we planned, it's not been the huge hassle we planned for. He's been helping with Moose, and pretty much just taking it easy.