Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Official Bulletin

-My son is a biter-
It is absolutely killing me too. When I picked up Moose yesterday, he actually had two accident reports. One for wacking himself with a toy, and another one for biting another kid again.
I feel so guilty! Is it something that we’re doing wrong? I mean, I’m pretty sure he has no idea that he’s hurting anyone, until they scream of course.

I promptly went home and googled how to stop my demon child from wreaking havoc on his daycare friends. (and his friend Carter, I really don’t want him biting Carter) And most of the info was the same, just “tell them no, and that it hurts to bite”. That kind of thing.
But I also read one site that instructed time out for them after they bit a child. It said to put him in his crib for one minute for every year of age. I remembered that the first accident report that we got last week for biting said that the daycare teacher put him in his crib to calm down, so I guess that’s the route they are taking. Not sure how I feel about time out. I know a lot of people use it, but does it really do anything? My M&D (mom and dad) didn’t do it with me or my brother, but Cory is telling me my Mil (mom-in-law) used it with him and his brother.

I was really hoping last week was a one-time thing, but it looks like Moose’s bite is just as bad as his bark.