Sunday, June 10, 2007

A New Member!

Meet Sophie, our newest family member!Sophie is a Wiemaraner that we adopted this weekend.
She has been fitting in just fine so far. The only thing that will require attention immediately is her jumping up on us, which her birth family warned us about. We've been working on it, so hopefully it will not take long. Tonight will be the first night together, so hopefully it will go smoothly.

Here we are playing in the backyard.

Getting to know the Moose.

Petting Scout and Sophie together, so they don't get jealous of one another.
Moose was pretty laid back about the whole thing. He was happy there was a new dog around, but he keeps calling her "cow". I guess because- she is so big? Not sure, she doesn't really look like a cow. It's kind of funny really.
Cory is taking her to the vet tomorrow to catch her up on her shots, and to get her nails trimmed up. She actually came with AKC papers, but we are not planning on breeding her or anything (she is fixed already) we will probably just leave them in the birth family's name. Not a big deal.
Cory is thrilled, because he has always wanted a Weimaraner, it's his dream dog. So he is blissfully happy with her. We are so happy to adopt a new family member, she has a great temperament, and will fit in fabulously.