Thursday, February 15, 2007


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Sorry to everyone who stopped by expecting a Valentine's post on actual Valentine's Day. We had way too much going on in this family. We were all wrapped up in eating pizza and watching TV snuggled on the couch. Important stuff like that:)

I did catch some pictures of the Moose outside yesterday. This is really the only good one, the rest are a blur of him flopping and trying to chase Scout around. I had big plans before that of course. I bought him a super cute red shirt with Pooh giving Valentines on it. I was planning on taking pictures after work. Unfortunately "cute special outfit" translates into "immediately hork on this outfit". Soooo... we decided to take some pictures outside.

Here is the Bear Valentine Box that daycare made for Moose.
Here is the Pooh I got for Moose, it matched the Pooh shirt purrrfectly.
Oh well.
Moose has started walking more and more. He walked across the kitchen this evening. Which was VERY exciting for us.
The excessive drool and general fussiness seems to be pointing towards the molars coming in. I waited until I was giving him his pink eye medicine this evening so I could see into his mouth while he was screaming. And yes, indeedy he does have some molars coming in. So joy for us. Everyone says this is so bad. So we're not really looking forward to it, but we'll see.
I want to wholeheartedly recommend a lotion that I recently read about on Amalah's site. I have extremely dry skin that really flares up in the winter. I read about Curel in the blue bottle on her site, and I picked up a bottle to try it. IT IS AWESOME. I really stays on your skin, moisturizing all day, and I am not allergic to it, which is amazing! I have also switched Moose over to it, because he seems to have inherited my freakish-sensitive-dry-skin. It is available at drugstores, or grocery stores in the lotion aisle. I get the fragrance-free kind. It's awesome-REALLY!!
Moose said "thank you" today. Not for the first time. He's been saying it for a while now, and I haven't noticed. Apparently, I am striving to be mother-of-the-year.

As I was signing Moose in at daycare, I left him with his friend Alyssa and the teacher. The teacher handed him a block to play with, and he babbled his toddler babble. And then the teacher smiled and said, "well 'thank you?' you're welcome!" And then I realized. He had said "thank you" and I hadn't even noticed! And he's been saying it for a while too! So apparently he's talking a bit more than we realized. Oops.