Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Meme

Tagged by Mrs. Who over at Mrs. Who's Open Book.

1. What's the scariest movie you have ever seen?

I love scary movies, and I have seen so many. However one sticks out in my mind right away, mainly because it was so gross and scary. It was the most recent remake of The Hills Have Eyes. When the guys killed the mother and raped the girl, it was a little too much for me.

2. What was your favorite Halloween costume from childhood?

From childhood? I was a princess one year with a very cool dress my mom and I found at a Goodwill.
From adulthood? The year I was pregnant with Moose, I had a big belly on Halloween, and I was a Care Bear. It was very cool, and besides being hot, the most comfortable costume I have ever worn.

3. If you had an unlimited budget, what would your fantasy costume be for this Halloween?

I am not really sure, I would probably buy Cory a Master Chief costume from Halo.

4. When was the last time you went trick or treating?

My friend Laura and I went when we were freshman in high school (I know! crazee!) and we had two women who were handing out candy tell us we were too old. My friend Laura said very matter of fact, "if you think we are too old, you're too old for the holiday"

5. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

White chocolate anything.

6. Tell us about a scary nightmare you had.

I can't think of anything.

7. What is your Supernatural fear?

Aliens. Nuff said.

8. What is your creep-crawly fear?

Bugs. All bugs.

9. Tell us about the time you saw a ghost. Or heard something go bump in the night.

I have never had a scary experience with a ghost.

10. Would you ever stay in a haunted house overnight?

I cannot stress how much I would never do this.

11. Are you a traditionalist Jack 'O' Lantern carver or do you get creative?

I love being creative, however at our new house, we don't seem to be able to have real pumpkins, because the squirrels eat them. Yes, that's right. Squirrels.

12. How much do you decorate your house for Halloween?

A lot. A whole lot. I have plans to start on the graveyard next year. I really only bothers Cory when he has to mow around the stuff.