Thursday, October 4, 2007

A New Office Space

So, if you've been paying attention, you know that one of the companies that I do design for, is moving to Chicago.

They are at the end of their move right now. The warehouse is slowly moving out, the shelving is all empty, it's really kind of sad. I've worked there for almost four years now, and I made lots of friends, the majority of which have found new jobs. I only know two people who went up to Chicago with their new jobs.

Company F however, is staying here for a few more years. Company F's CEO is basically taking the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" approach. Basically meaning, we've done fine doing the advertising for four divisions for six years that are all located Chicago, adding one more to that shouldn't make much difference.

So, since the move, we don't need the huge warehouse we've been housed in, and we've been looking for new digs.

Well the new place rocks.

Not only is it five minutes from my house, it is about two minutes from Moose's daycare! It is also in the middle of where all my friends work (and Cory) so we can meet for lunch!

For those of you local gals-it is in the new spot, of Bmt Circle, behind the newish Liquor Barn. *insert funny quip about drinking HERE*

At the old place I had a cubicle, which was lovely, but eh. The new place? I get my very own office.

All to myself.

With two windows. That's right.

Here is a picture of half of it. The other half is more purple, and another window. (I didn't take these, my boss did) And yes, your eyes don't deceive you-the windows OPEN. One of the cooler things about the whole office space, is that it belonged to another ad agency before us. One that was a bit more, "edgy" I guess. The paint colors are extremely bright. (the picture of my office doesn't do it justice, it's really bright purple) Plus, a lot of the right angles in the office have been rounded off, see below to see what I mean.
The internal windows and a lot of the walls are rounded off. The above picture looks in on our conference room. All of the doors in the offices are glass, which is cool.

The best thing is I totally got the office I wanted. There were three of us who had to pick our offices, and I was really hoping we would be able to decide without someone getting shafted, and with everyone happy. The offices were so different, I was really hoping it would go smoothly.

Amazingly it did! Jeana and I had decided we would let Sheri have the first choice, since she had been with the company longer than both of us. And we hoped we could decide on the others together. Sheri picked the golden yellow office with two huge windows in it, it is actually the largest of the three and is rectangular shaped, with no smooth corners. (just a normal box office) Jeana picked the office with the most rounded corners, and is painted bright purple, and the golden yellow (it is very cool too) and I think it only has one big window. Mine is bright purple with only one rounded edge, two huge windows, and built in shelves that I am so excited about.

We are in the process of picking our desks, I've already picked mine out, I'm waiting on the other to pick theirs and we can get them ordered. I picked a light colored wood that matches the door frames and will compliment the coolness of the purple. I have been thinking about what sort of stuff I want to hang up-I'm thinking some classic art that's framed, like maybe Starry Night, but we'll have to see. I know I want some plants, for the top of my hutch that will go on my new desk, and I also want some big floor plants.

I know it's just an office, but I am SO EXCITED because it's been a while since I had my own office. My first job had a really nice office, but my second I shared with Beverly and we were crammed into one space that was like, five feet by five feet, I swear. So this new, huge, contemporary office is going to rock!

I'll get some better pictures after we move in-the last week of October, and you can see better pictures of everything, the other offices (and my partners in crime there) the kitchen, and the aquarium that is built into one of the walls in the entrance.