Sunday, October 7, 2007

Pun-kin! Pun-kin!

We made our now annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch yesterday. The Patch we had previously been visiting, and the one I visited as a child, closed this year due to new ownership.

I was very upset when I figured it out actually. Apparently there had been a big write up in the local paper, but I totally missed it. (I don't actually read the paper, but I do frequent the paper's website which seems to normally cover everything, you know, for free) We do actually have a friend who lives in our neighborhood and is a paper "boy", so we do occasionally get a paper for free.

Anyhoo-I did some research and found another local patch where we could go pick out a pumpkin, shop crafty stuff, and eat fried apples, funnel cakes, and have fresh cider. So we went to Boyd's Orchard.

And so did everyone else in our town.

On top of the crowds, it was unbelievably hot. Sweltering actually. There's not a lot of shade in a pumpkin patch.

This year, I actually managed to schedule it so that the majority of our friends could come. We did eat together, but ended up splitting into groups to explore the farm. There was a large barn that was fashioned into a craft shop, and an eatery with hot dogs and the like.

So we made our way in, past the crowd of people only to get into a large line to order food. We got our food and sat at about three tables that were near each other, then we finished up and headed outside.

Into the sun.

So they had a huge play area, unfortunately it was for bigger kids than Moose. Charing's other kids, Zach and Morgan came, so they played a bit, and took Carter in to play on the slide. We ended up taking the hayride over to see the orchards, and corn maze.

Cory was not impressed.

Though Moose and I were. Moose sat in Cory's lap, and Mimi's some and watched all the trees and patches fly by.

It was the best thing we did all day-because there was a breeze.

After the hayride we went up front and picked out our pumpkins. Moose picked out two small ones, and I figured we would buy some larger ones at Wal-Mart or Kroger this week.

Needless to say, when we got home, we all collapsed into a heat-induced nap.

As commercial as it was, we did have fun. I do think next year I am going to try and find another less-crowded place.

Here are some highlights: