Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moose Has a Girlfriend

Where do I begin?

I guess I will start back in the Infant Room at daycare. Moose and Aly were in there together, and they moved up to the Toddler Room together. (daycare tries to move up two at a time, so they have a buddy)

I knew Aly because her mom is a teacher at the daycare, and she arrives at the same time as I do, because I work a bit early. Her mom is very nice, and Moose will have her in the next room after the Twos Room.

I picked up Moose one day, and one of the teacher's quipped that Moose had a new girlfriend. Apparently Aly followed Moose around all day, hugging him, and talking Toddler-Talk to him.

I cannot express how I felt when she said that to me.

I know this is so silly, but I was so annoyed! I cannot express it, exactly. Maybe all moms feel this way, or maybe even just moms of boys.

But, maybe I felt... jealous? I am not sure.

I was reminded later, on the drive home, of an ex-boyfriend I had in high school. The year before sophomore year, I dated a guy from my youth group. When we first started "going out", one of the other girls in our group told me that his mom never liked girls who went out with him. I thought that was the silliest thing I had ever heard. And it was true. She was mean to me the whole two weeks we dated. Okay, it may have been longer than that, but not too much longer:)

I shook my head, and thought how stupid I was being. I mean, gosh he was not even one (at the time) why was I being so silly? It was just the weirdest sensation, almost possessiveness.

From that moment on, I cooled off and stopped being so silly.

They are still "together". Aly follows Moose around, and the teachers told me the other day that Moose defended Aly the other day from one of the other kids who was trying to bite her. He pushed him down.

Aly is staying in the Ones Room until almost January. We'll see if their love can last long distance:)