Monday, October 22, 2007

The Weekend Update

We had a great weekend. So great that I didn't bother with posting on Sunday like usual!

I was exceptionally busy on Sunday. I colored my hair, and read an entire romance novel. Important stuff like that.

We did go to the grocery, which is always an adventure on Sunday morning. Why in the world does Walmart feel the need to only employ two check-out girls? What in the world are all the other Walmart employees doing? They are probably on break I guess. Seems like someone would see all the people in line, and, oh, I don't know, maybe, schedule some more check-out girls for the next Sunday?

Maybe with all the Roll Back prices, it is just too much to ask to check-out efficiently.

Saturday was also wonderful. My good friend Charing and I were lucky enough to go to a spa for the day. We were celebrating her recent birthday, which was actually last month. We had to wait till now to find a Saturday that we were both free, and had someone to watch our kids. Conveniently, Sarah and Jenn were available!

Saturday was also Carter's birthday. So Charing ran home after our spa stuff, and threw together a very cool Blue's Clues birthday party for him. We took a ton of pictures, which she very nicely forwarded to me on Snapfish, unfortunately, it won't work for me right now.

So instead, enjoy this lovely video of Moose reading the paper, which has absolutely nothing to do with this weekend.