Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baby Geniuses

Moose got some information on the new Ones Room today. I got a whole little packet all about the units they will be learning, and the new required things I will have to buy to leave at daycare.
Apparently I had no idea Daycare was going to be so productive. Some of the things they are planning on teaching him are crazy. I can’t imagine he’ll be able to do some of these things. But then again, when I see the Twos walking around (the next classroom up) they do seem to be talking really well and walking in a line, holding on to this rope thing.
Here is a list of just some of the things Moose will be learning:
1. Take off own shoes and socks at appropriate times. We’ve got this one down pat, except for the “at appropriate times” part.
2. Drink out of small cup with no lid. What? Seriously? NO SIPPYCUP LID?
3. Using spoon to eat. Also going good on this one, fab.
4. Using words throughout the day to communicate, such as “yes”, “milk,” “thank-you,” “please,”. He is sort of using these.

As far as actual learning goes, some of his units will cover:
1. shapes
2. colors
3. numbers 0-10
4. body parts (he knows exactly where his nose is, and will show you were your nose is too, by shoving his finger in your nostril)
5. alphabet

I can already see that the Ones will be more productive than the Toddler Room. Mainly because they seem to have more of a structured day. They do more, like circle time when they read, playing outside, centers, art projects, and movie days are twice a week for an hour.
A big thing that caught my eye, was in the daily schedule, each time they change diapers, they also say “diapering or going to the potty”. Um, POTTY? When am I supposed to start THAT? I have no knowledge of this. I vividly remember walking in to the Toddler room to them saying I didn’t need to bring bottles anymore, than he was transitioned to sippycup. I was like, “uh really? We still do like, three bottles at home…” So maybe they will potty train him at daycare, and he’ll just come home one day ready to potty? Ok, maybe not, but I will need some tips from them on how to do this, because I have no idea where to start. Cory actually said that he will show an interest in it when he is ready. So I think we will probably take that plan of action.
I have a whole list of things to buy to keep there, such as another set of swim trunks, and sunscreen and stuff. Apparently they do “water days”. So I guess they play in the sprinkler or something.
He will start full-time in the Ones next week, so I will have a full report for you.