Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Weekend

Oh hello there, I'm glad you stopped by. Here are some recent pictures from the last couple weeks.

You may have heard, I've been pretty sick. I have been getting over mono for the last month or so. It has not been fun, but not too bad either. I have only not been able to go to certain things, and I have not missed that much work.
Cory and I have been working our hands to the bone on home improvements. The people at Lowes practically know us by name. We have been working on Moose's room, the yard, and also my laundry room.
Cory actually started the laundry room this past weekend. I have some pictures of the progress, but I thought I would wait until the end to post them all together.
I have been working on landscaping. I have some progress shots of the front yard that I did this weekend and almost killed myself.

Here is what I started with-three bushes and wood chips. So I had to scrape off the top layer of wood chips and top soil. Then carry it to the backyard.
Here are the plants I bought. The flowering bushes in the back will hopefully come back next year. The yellow flowers are marigolds, so I plan to replace them each year, in case I want to change the color. And the front plants are a spreading filler that will hopefully also come back next year.
Here is the final shot. All done. It will look much better in a few weeks I am hoping. I will take some shots of it so you can watch it grow. Next time I get paid, I am planning on buying a few more things. But I'm not sure what yet.

Saturday Moose and I got up and met my friends for breakfast so him and Carter could play. Then I dropped him off with Granddaddy so that I could work on the yard. Saturday evening both Cory and I rested and watched movies.
Sunday I woke up early, and Cory went and got us breakfast from Bob Evans. Which was so yummy. Cory bought me a gold watch for mother's day, and Moose got me a gold toe ring. I contemplated taking a picture of them, but decided it was tacky, so you can see them when you see me! They are both so beautiful, and I love them both! Thanks so much guys!
That evening M&D came over for dinner and I made a new recipe that I have been perfecting-Mexican Lasagna. It turned out really well.
Overall we had a great weekend, but I decided next year that I definitely wasn't cooking or doing laundry!