Saturday, May 5, 2007

Another Friend Bites the Dust

My good friend Lisa has left our company. Her situation was a bit different from Kevin's.
As some of you know, one of the divisions I do advertising for, Company B, is moving to Chicago. Lisa works for Company B, so she could have moved to Chicago, or found a new job.
Well she found a new job. A GREAT new job. She is working in the ad department at a local TV station. She has her own super cool new office. I am so happy for her!
I already miss her terribly though. She was in the same area that Kevin and I were in, so she was part of our "cool group". Yes there's a cool group at work and I'm in it. Are you jealous?
I guess she actually started the cool group and invited me in when I started, but you know, it's good to be a part of something at work. It's like school I guess with cliques and stuff.
Anyway, Lisa is a great friend. She is one of the nicest people I know, and she has a great shoe collection. She also has really great hair.
She is the one who figured out what hospital room I was in (which actually was quite a task, I was in four different rooms throughout my stay) when I had Moose and called me to check on me several times. She is the one who cut out about twenty million Care Bears and stuck them all over my desk on my birthday, and also made me rainbow cupcakes complete with more Care Bears stuck on top of them. (Damn that's another thing I could have written in my Tag post, oh well, I Heart Care Bears) She is also the one who drives us all to lunch. Also, she drives like a bat outta Hell.
I am really hoping to keep our friendship intact. I've already had to bail on the first scheduled lunch with her, due to sickness. Which sucks, but I couldn't help it at all.
I also don't have any pictures to post of her, mainly because I didn't think of it until just this second, but maybe I can remember to bring my camera when we hopefully have lunch next week.
Lisa-I miss you so much! And I wish you luck at your new job!