Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well my weekend was pretty lackluster compared to the rest of ZPO-most of whom spent the long weekend in New York City, celebrating Charing's big birthday. I don't think she's put them up yet, but I'm pretty sure that Sarah will be posting pictures of that escapade at the ZPO site.
I bought some new clothes for Moose at the mall, Baby Gap was having a bit of a sale, and I managed to get some very cute jeans for him for Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off. Which was nice, and of course I needed a shirt for his upcoming professional pictures that they take at daycare. And they had this shirt, that we HAD TO HAVE. Check it out:
That's right: "Lock up your daughters". We had to have it.

On a completely unrelated note, I made my salmon patties recipe, and it reminded me that Emily had asked me for it. I got it from my blog-friend Becki over at Cooking With Whine. Here is her recipe.
I will only add that I very rarely follow a recipe to the letter unless I am baking something. I treat them more like guidelines. I don't really measure things out, I just dump stuff in until it looks right. Some of you are shuddering in horror, but, hey, it works for me. So to make it like mine, add a half handful or so of shredded cheese, and a ton of green onions. We love green onions in this house, they go in about 50 % of our dinners.
Here is a picture of the lovely salmon patties:

They turned out very yummy. One note about this recipe, it feeds Cory and I, and Moose, with one serving left over for left-overs. I serve it with a veggie and rice typically.

We are knee-deep in planning our new roof. Turns out, the hail storm that we had a few months ago really damaged our roof. So much so, that we get a new roof, new gutters and a few new shutters. I tried to talk Cory into getting a skylight in the dining room, but he shot that idea in the foot, saying it wouldn't look good. Our contractor dropped off a sample sheet today, so we just have to call in our color choice, and I guess they'll schedule our new roof.
All of this roof talk has made us think about our siding and shutter colors, which we had originally planned for next summer. Unfortunately, with our new bed purchase popping up, it looks like it will be the next year, instead. Which is fine because I am not sure we can agree on a color. I took a picture of the outside of the house, and I'm going to play in Photoshop to see what colors we like.
Speaking of our new bed, I can personally say that they can call me to be on their infomercials any day. I LOVE OUR NEW BED. I swear to God, that it is the most wonderful cloud-like being that has ever existed. Somehow, I am sleeping through the night in one solid sleep, not waking up once. My neck and back seem to be better. It is wonderful, if you are in the market for a new mattress, go check out the Sleep Number Bed.
My cousin Jenn needs your support. Jenn and Chris are going through a tough time at the moment. They have just been through two rounds if in vitro fertilization, and now they are looking into adoption. Please go leave her a comment if you have a chance.
I just finished designing Mrs. Who's new site, Mrs. Who's Open Book.
Here is the original design:
Here is the artwork that I put together for her: (I will note that she set up the site herself, I only designed the block at the top)
Great job Mom! Make sure to stop by her site, and leave her a comment about how cute her new template is!