Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Few Videos

Playing with the balloon:

Talking about animals:

Here are a few videos for you viewing enjoyment!
On update news-Moose is doing extremely well at daycare. The teachers seem to enjoy him so much, and they tell me so almost every time I pick him up. I just kind of assumed that they told all the parents that their children were joys to work with and such. However, when I picked Moose up on Friday, here is the conversation that happened:
Teacher: Moose is just so great! He has the best personality!
Me: Yes, we think he is pretty great! Aren't all the kids happy like him though?
Teacher: No, they aren't. Moose is always happy, even when he's sick. We just love him!
Me: Oh, yeah... okay! Have a good weekend...
So maybe they don't tell all the moms that. Maybe he is a great as we think he is;)