Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yes, Another Entry About My Office

I am happy to report that my new furniture for my office has come in. (I feel like I write “I am happy to report…” a lot) I have talked about my office before, and shown some pictures, remember it is very contemporary. The walls are curved and very brightly painted. As bright an cheery as I am, I am not the least bit contemporary. I like to decorate in warm earth tones, and rich fabrics. Not the cool colors and crisp fabrics that go with contemporary design.

Some of you are wondering why I care at all about how my office is decorated. Well, I figure I spend minimum eight hours a day there, I should be pretty comfortable. My boss agrees to a point. He bought me a fabulous new chair that is super comfortable and much more supportive of my back and neck than my old one. He would not however, have my office repainted.

So cool and contemporary it is, with refreshing purple walls. The new desk compliments the color and is a nice maple with clean lines and silver accents. It looks awesome together, and I’m getting used to the look. I may have missed my calling as an interior decorator.

My desk came from Company H, who, as much as they have totally pissed me off, I will not name here. Not only did we have to wait an extremely long time for the furniture to come in, my hutch came in with no hinges for the doors! We had to steal them from Jeana’s hutch, whose whole set has not come in yet. (I’m terrified the replacement hinges won’t be here on time when the rest of her set comes in, especially since Sheri called me Evil for taking the hinges from her)

The desk came with the usual paperwork-warranty and registration and such. The back of the card was slightly interesting and caught my eye:

“To help us understand our customers’ lifestyles, please indicate the interests and activities in which you or your spouse enjoy participating on a regular basis:

01. Bicycling -am I 12? no, I don't have a bike
02. Golf -no I enjoy dressing well
03. Physical Fitness -I am the least physical person alive
04. Running/Jogging -Cory would say I don't run right
05. Snow Skiing -never done it, but I totally have an outfit to wear
06. Tennis -my elbows!
07. Camping/Hiking -wow, never, ever again
08. Fishing -ditto
09. Hunting/Shooting
10. Powerboating -Blogger says this isn't even a word
11. Sailing -unfortunately no, but again, I have a great outfit I would wear
12. Grandchildren -this is an activity?
13. Needlework/Knitting -I can crochet...does that count?
14. Sewing -I pay someone to do this for me
15. Flower Gardening
16. Vegetable Gardening -this deserves it's own line?
17. Crafts
18. Buy Prerecorded Videos -does this sound dirty to anyone else?
19. Automotive Work -FINALLY, yes my spouse does this
20. Electronics
21. Home Workshop
22. RV’s
23. Listen to Records/Tapes/Cds -they actually wasted ink to print records?
24. Avid Book Reading -Avid? probably not
25. Bible/Devotional Reading
26. Health/Natural Foods
27. Photography
28. Cultural/Arts Events
29. Fashion Clothing -YES! one for me
30. Antiquing
31. Foreign Travel
32. Cruise Ship Vacations -I wish this was an activity I enjoyed
33. Travel in USA
34. Gourmet Cooking -Gourmet? probably not
35. Wines -does Applewine from Gatlinburg count?
36. Stamp/Coin Collecting -Vegetable gardening got it's own line and they combined these?
37. Collectibles
38. Our Nation’s Heritage
39. Real Estate Investments
40. Contests/Sweepstakes
41. Casino Gambling
42. Science Fiction -There is someone out there that checks this one, wonder what they look like?
43. Wildlife/Environmental Issues
44. Dieting/Weight Control
45. Science/New Technology
46. Self Improvement
47. Walking for Health
48. Watching Sports on TV -Ok, my spouse and I do this together!
49. Home Video Recording -see #18
50. Moneymaking Opportunities -I always enjoy money

Maybe they should have named this question, "what sort of junk mail do you wish to receive when we sell your address?"

Apparently I have no hobbies, does anyone want to take up #42 with me?