Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back Online

I am extremely happy to report that I now have full-time internet at work again. Unfortunately, the network is not set up yet. But beggars can't be choosers, and we are relishing our internet connections fully.

My boss bought a wireless card that is actually supposed to be for laptops, but has a simple USB connection. So we are just sticking them into our USB ports and connecting to the internet wirelessly. (it's faster than you think)

I had become very dependent on my internet connection at work. Not only does my "job" require me to constantly email proofs to my clients, and upload ads to publications, I have become very used to checking my personal email throughout the day, and my blogs.

I have about 20 blogs that are on my blog reader, and let me tell you-if you don't check them one at a time, as they post, periodically during the day-that is a LOT OF READING. So much so, that I became a skimmer as of late, which I hate. And I also was not able to comment very much. So, there is my excuse for not commenting for about two weeks!

But, I am back... online. And I am feeling very good about that.

Tomorrow is a very big day-Moose's official 2nd birthday!