Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Post About the Move-Part I

Well, I had convinced myself that the move was as planned as it could be, and that I shouldn’t worry about it at all.

I was wrong.

To catch some of you up-I work for the F Corp Ad Agency, which was located at one of their divisions, Company B. Big wigs up at corporate decided to move Company B up to be with the other divisions in Chicago. Leaving the Ad Agency down here until the Ad Agency president decides to retire. So instead of staying in Company B’s old spot, we needed a smaller building for just the five of us (soon to be six, but more on that later).

The new building ROCKS. I have already sang it’s praises in a previous post, so I won’t get into that again. However, IT ROCKS, AND I’M PUMPED ABOUT IT.

Anyway… we ordered new furniture for our new offices, and it has not come in yet. So the furniture place has loaned us tables to use until our new desks and book shelves come in. I volunteered to go meet the furniture delivery guys this morning. Mainly because I wanted to run through the empty agency and dance a jig in my new office.

So I headed over first thing, and after dancing the jig, I called Sheri to see if she thought I should meet the furniture guys upstairs at the agency, or up front by the parking lot. She said to meet them up front, in kind of a breathy-oh-my-god-hurry-they-could-be-there-at-any-moment kind of way.

So I quickly made my way downstairs, passing a tall skinny dude in the lobby who was hurrying in the other direction.

I stood out front, in my fleece jacket with my hands shoved in my pockets with the cold morning breeze on my face. Finally the sun came out from behind the clouds and warmed me up a bit. The minutes ticked by, and I glanced at my phone and it had been 30 minutes! I thought about calling Sheri at the old office to see what was up, but decided to wait a bit longer. Finally I got tired of standing and went over to sit in my car.

I sat in my car another 20 minutes and my phone rang. It was Sheri, and the furniture movers were waiting, inside at the door. Wuh? How did they get past me?

Come to find out, they parked in the back of the building, and I of course, passed one of them when I was on my way out.

So it doesn’t take them that long to get the tables unpacked and set up. They head out, and I fix everyone’s tables in their offices to how I think they will like them, then I head back to the old office to help with the move.

I call Jeana to let her know I am on my way back, and she says, “well, we might not be moving today…”

Stayed tuned for part II of the story, and by the way, I am really hoping there is not a part III…