Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Weekend Highlight

Last night we were lucky enough to go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra at Rupp. It was wonderful! I had never seen them in concert before, Cory does have several of their CDs. (yes, the man that hates gifts and the general Christmas season loves Christmas music) (I don't know)

Anyway, I first heard of the band last year when they came here. Cory mentioned that we had several of their CDs, and we listened to them on the way to Nana's for Christmas eve. We weren't able to see them in concert because of timing, but this year, I got an email from Ticketmaster the second they were available, and I snatched up the best available tickets for part of Cory's Christmas gifts.

The concert was absolutely wonderful and amazing. Ordinary Christmas carols made extraordinary with blues, rock & roll, and jazz. The show they put on was great-fireworks, fireballs of flames, and of course a laser light show. And of course, all of the perfectly timed lights complimented each and every song. I couldn't help but watch from an artists view, seeing which colors they chose, and why. I loved it. Both Cory and I were extremely entertained the entire time.

Here is a video from YouTube, it is one of the traditional carols, with a rock edge:

Here is another video from YouTube, this one is one of their original songs, you may have heard the song on commercials and things. This video does not do it justice, it is amazing live:

When they come back next year, we are totally going again! I will say that the show was a bit long for kids, it was about 2.5 to 3 hours. Too long for Moose for sure. But maybe next year, we'll see. We actually may have started a new family tradition!