Sunday, November 4, 2007

Just Another Weekend Update...

Cory has been knee-deep in construction on the basement since he got back from school. He is rushing because we have house guests that are coming next weekend, for the big birthday bash. And we both want it to at least be partly put together for them!

I did convince him to take a break on Saturday night, and we went out for a romantic dinner together, followed up by a trip to the Sears Craftsman department. Cause that's how we roll in this household.

Moose had a good time Saturday morning hanging out with Carter. And Charing, Rhiannon, and I had a good time having coffee and breakfast together.

Sunday has been an entirely different story. I am not sure why, and I hope to God it is not a precursor to what is to come. Moose has been difficult all day. Since he can now ask for what he wants, he is constantly asking for something, then if I don't give it in .002 seconds, I get a melt-down.

If it is not time to watch TV, I will not turn it on for him, which results in him crying, me getting upset/mad/sad. But I think it is important to lay down the rules right now, and not give in to his demands.

Things he has asked for in no particular order:
-Blue's Clues
-Doggie (his stuffed animal)
-(you guessed it) cereal

I am not sure why the recent fascination with cereal is, but it is about to drive me crazy. I have not problem giving him a little snack in the morning, and in the afternoon. But I don't want him eating all day, plus, he really doesn't want it, he will play with it, and crunch it on the floor and *aaaaaaaahhhhhhh help me I think my brain is going to pop out of my head and plop on the floor*

Alrighty then, I feel a bit better, how about a picture of the basement?

Wood paneling? Gone! Say hello to new drywall, and the tile is finally being continued!