Friday, November 23, 2007

Picture Friday!

Cory worked today, so it was just me and Moose all day. And due to a Thanksgiving Day-injury, we did not go shopping at all. (I lightly twisted my ankle, it's much better now) We just hung out all day, and put out the Christmas decorations.

This was his favorite ornament.
This is mine.
Here is some of the new garland I bought last year at a After-Christmas Sale. They were like, giving it away. I bought 150 feet, and I used every inch. More pictures of the outside to come.

Supportin' the home team...
Everyone in the family is enjoying the table...
The easel also doubles as a fort.

A special video treat for all the good boys and girls:
This is Doggie. Doggie is Moose's new best friend. He sleeps with him, and would carry him under his arm all the time if we let him. He is very soft and cuddly. He actually prefers Doggie's tag on his bottom, he rubs it with his fingers, and rubs it on his lips (just like I used to do with my Care Bear, and just like Cory used to do with his Blanket)