Monday, November 12, 2007

Starting To Catch Up With Me

I am exhausted.

I think it is a combination of the daylight savings time change, and just maybe the time of year. Because no matter what time I go to bed, I am still tired by mid-day. I even got some new multi-vitamins after my friend Sheri recommended them. They have not helped yet. I am not sure if I expected a sudden burst of energy, or what, but I feel the exact same.

Another reason I'm tired may be that we have "something" every weekend all the way through New Year's. And that is just the time of year, because we normally have a little breathing time between events. Now that Moose's party is over, we have tickets to the Trans Siberian Orchestra, then my birthday, then Xmas parties... the list just keeps going.

Work used to be a bit of a breather, but recently we've been absolutely slammed with new jobs and there is a new division that has sort of created itself, just adding to my and the other designer's workloads. We've handled it fine, and not really working too much overtime, but I'm honestly used to a little bit of downtime where I can plan, research, and really think about the job I am designing. Instead, we're rushing through, trying to shove jobs out the door. It's not a happy way to work.

On a good note, we are finally all moved in to our new office space. Which is... awesome. We don't however, have the network set up, which means, you guessed it, no internet or office phone. So we've been using a work around which includes a shared wireless card and our cell phones. And when do they think they will have our network up? Mid-December. When will my furniture come in? Not until next week-maybe the next one. I am currently in my fabulous new office with the awesome windows that open... on a plastic folding table.

Moose is doing extremely well, however he is still occasionally biting at daycare. We've been trying to enforce the time-out chair for other tantrum-related woes:
Obviously he is terrified of the time-out chair, right?