Saturday, November 17, 2007

People... We Have Pee-Pee!

After the first intitial asking for the potty incident, we haven't had too much news on that front. I went and bought a potty at Meijer, and he has sat on it a few times. But... nothing much. He hasn't asked for it or anything.

So I figured he wasn't ready, and I wouldn't push. He would ask when he was ready. In the meantime, both Cory and I have been bringing him to the bathroom with us to sit on his potty too. Cory refuses to sit on the big potty, so he stands as usual, and he has reported that Moose stands beside him and watches in awe.

With me, Moose will sit on his potty, with his pants on usually, until I am done, then I let him flush the big toilet, and we are done.

Last night, I asked him if he wanted to go pee-pee with mommy. He said, "Pee-Pee! Potty Pee-Pee!". So off we went. However this time, he tried to pull his pants off when we got there. So being the fabulous parent that I am, I helped and let him sit on the potty bare-bottomed while I peed. (is this TMI?) Anyhoo... I finished, and he hopped up to "flush" his potty and mine, and I saw it.


In. The. POTTY!!

Yea! I yelped and called for Daddy, and maybe I startled Moose a bit, but we all did a victory dance in the bathroom for Moose's first Pee-Pee In The Potty. Yes, I took a picture, but Cory forbade me to post it on the internet. He was muttering something about me probably showing the pictures to Moose's first girlfriend, and I called out that "No I have much more class than that... I won't show it to anyone except maybe his spouse."

And, it seems this was not a one-time thing. Later in the evening, I was putting him in his PJs and he asked to go potty when I changed his diaper. So we went. And he pee-peed.

Same thing this morning. My Dad kept him for a few hours while Mom and I shopped but he said that Moose did not show any interest in pee-peeing.

But as soon as we got home, I was changing him before his nap, and he asked to go again! So we are definitely progressing! I'll keep you as updated!