Saturday, December 8, 2007

What? I have a blog?

Sorry I’ve disappeared for a bit, but we’ve had a lot of stuff going on over here! And I’m sorry to report that is probably just a precursor to how the rest of December will be too. I have a lot to share, so instead of trying to write it up in slightly easy to read paragraph form, I’m going to put it into bullets, that way I can just jot everything down easily.

Here we go:

  • The first weekend in December was my birthday weekend. Most of you know I share my birthday day with my fellow ZPO, Rhiannon. Typically we just hold a joint birthday celebration, so it is easier on all of our friends. However, this year was a big year for Rhi, so we split them up. I had a lovely dinner at Bonefish with my friends on Friday. It was so yummy, I love their fresh fish, and their sauces are to die for. (this was also why that Picture Friday was skipped, it turned into Mojito Friday for mommy) Saturday Moose and I met up with Carter and the girls so they could play, and we had Breakfast Club to catch up on the gossip. That evening we all met up at Rhi’s house for her big 3-0 party. It was a blast, and actually the first time we got to see Rhi’s new house. That Sunday I had my family birthday where I got all my presents. I got a great new coat, some new clothes for work, and some new slippers from my brother.
  • The following week was filled with lunches with different sets of friends from work, and former friends from work. Birthday lunches are always great!
  • Moose is doing a new thing where he plays Tickle Fight, with himself. That’s right, he dies laughing and will dig himself in the ribs, yelling, “Tickle! Tickle!” It’s a sight to see, let me tell you.
  • He got sick early in the week, and I had flashbacks of Exploding Butt Baby. Luckily Mimi was able to stay with him early in the week, and he had cleared up by Wednesday. He seems to be back on top, and sleeping through the night again. And we can all heave a collective sigh of relief about that.
  • We watched The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift this week, and it was totally entertaining.
  • A strand of my Christmas lights, that I bought two weeks ago, is OUT. WTF?
  • I have another scary mole, I had a biopsy on Friday, results back on Monday.
  • Happy to report that official internet is up at work. No more wireless cards. Also? Our phones came in, but we’re not sure how to hook them up. They are IP Phones, which means somehow they hook into our computers, and they came with directions but…they are still confusing. Hopefully we will figure them out next week.
  • My boss will be out of town next week, and then on vacation the next week. I won’t say I’m happy about him being gone, because that’s not true, I will say that I am happy it will be a bit calmer around the office.
  • Friday we went to see Disney Live downtown. It was completely awesome. We met Charing and Carter down there, and we all sat together. I was worried it wouldn’t hold the boys’ attention but it did. Moose sat in awed wonder the whole time. I must admit it was pretty cool to see Mickey and Pooh in real life. Maybe he was thinking the same thing. It makes me excited to take him to Disney World, which we will hopefully do in three years. I want to take him when it will still be magical and real, but hopefully old enough to remember.

I’m sure there are more things to share, but this is all I can think of at the moment. I have some pictures to upload, so I will try to put those up tomorrow evening. I can say I don’t know when Picture Friday will be back on track, because of the different Christmas parties we have to go to the next couple weeks. Plus I will be out of town the week of Christmas. I will be able to blog, but I’m not sure if I will have time. No promises, we’ll just play it by ear.