Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Found My Christmas Spirit

Moose is still sick. He seems better, he acts pretty fine during the day. As long as we keep him entertained, he is OK. We have watched so much TV, I'm a little embarrassed to show my DVR que. But it seems to be one of the only things he wants to do. Cuddle and watch TV. I guess that's what I usually want to do if I'm sick too, so it makes sense.

His fever is gone, so we have heavy lingering congestion, and cough. His throat must be hurting, because he is drooling like it hurts to swallow. He hasn't wanted to nap for the last four days, so imagine our surprise today, when he is still sleeping at this moment, on hour three of his nap. He did not sleep well last night, waking up minimum seven times from 7PM to 11PM. Both Cory and I are exhausted, and picking at each other. Funny how a sick child can affect everyone in the house. Even the dogs have not really left the bedroom where we keep their beds.
I actually had not finished my Christmas shopping yet. I had planned to go shopping with Alice in Wisconsin and do Moose's stocking and pick up a few more things. Yesterday it was sunny and 60 degrees outside here, today it is sunny and 36 degrees. Quite a difference. Yesterday, I could not imagine Christmas being only a few days away. It was so warm and I had been all geared up for Wisconsin. Plus, I already did Christmas with both my family and friends, in anticipation of our trip. So, on Christmas? We don't have any presents to open! (not that it's all about that, but to be honest, it's definitely one of the things I look forward to:)

So early this morning, as to avoid as much traffic as possible, I slipped out of the house and ran up to Target. I wanted to pick up some travel-sized toys for Moose's stocking, to create a "restaurant bag" that could keep all those toys in it, for when we are out and about. Charing has one, and it is awesome and very entertaining. They seemed like the perfect stocking stuffers. I found two other very cool big things, that I am so excited for Moose to find under the tree.

Then I heard Christmas Canon on the radio on the way home, and my Christmas spirit switched on like a light. Especially because the temperature actually dropped while I was shopping!