Sunday, December 16, 2007

Second Holiday Party!

All the ladies of ZPO were able to attend our annual Xmas Party this year. (which was a record event, I don't think we've all been able to come to anything, since maybe last New Year's Eve!) I wish we could have gotten a group picture of everyone there, our little group has grown to include our boys' friends and their girlfriends.I'm so annoyed this is blurred, my crafty handiwork... had to put it in anyway, it's still cute:)

Playing with the train set at Charing's house.

We had a great time due to Charing's fabulous hostess abilities, plus everyone's great food that we brought. We had a sit-down dinner this year, complete with ham and the fixin's. They did a Secret Santa gift exchange, and it is so funny how well we know everyone. The girls all got gifts for the boys, so Moose got some really nice new toys, and a very cute outfit from Carter. (plus a really cute toy that I want to take a special picture of...stay tuned for that)

Our busy weekend is not at a close however, because of our absence next week, we are celebrating Christmas with my family this evening. I will hopefully have some more pictures to share shortly.